Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Just so you know ....

The BC Provincial DEBT, is 51 BILLION dollars.

That means YOU owe $12, 891.00! Every person in BC owes that. Right now.
Yes we have those smart guys running our government, BC Liberals who think they know how to run businesses. Methinks maybe their experience has been running Daddy's business, without a concern for having to actually make a profit to support their families.

By the end of 2012, we will owe 57.6 billion, and with these smart guys running the province, it will be 66 billion by 2015! It is a matter of what you will accept. Moody's Credit Rating Agency has just given us a prod, downgrading our credit rating from stable to negative.

Our deficit is projected to go to 1.47 billion. That means however much money we take into BC we are going to spend one and a half billion dollars MORE! How long do you think you could exist personally by over spending like that in your household?

But wait, here's the sneaky little dark secret; The BC Liberal government has these P3 projects that they've been doing for years now, and because they are deemed as private deals, they are not for you or I to see or know about. They are called 'Contractual obligations' and they are what we owe these private contractors for whatever they did for the Campbell/Clark government. And because of this, they are NOT added to our provincial debt!
The present estimate is about 53 billion! as of 2010!

Some see this as the payoff to private corporations for building Run-of-the-River power projects, for instance. Those very same projects that were touted as helping the BC economy and are now gouging BC Hydro for more than the power should cost! Some are also wondering what these private corporations did to get such lucrative contracts? Nevertheless, we owe these added billions. Contracted by the Liberal government.

There are any number of BC people with the skill, experience and intelligence to look after this province in trust for the people who live here. BC people who would care about the results of their efforts. We needn't hire the so called experts from elsewhere. We have always been leaders in hydro-electrical power and forestry and mining. We have a right to expect care and concern for British Columbia, it's people and resources. We should reap the rewards of BC's bounty before we allow the funneling off of those riches.

We've tried the so called business models. They have control of the media to remind you of how great they are and how bad others would be. But they have failed miserably to look after your province.
It's time to try again, with a clean slate. We need trust.

The BC Liberals are just not capable of the integrity to run British Columbia.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Here we go again!

Translink has awarded a 25 million dollar contract to a Netherlands company to build a new Seabus boat. Bob Padden of Translink, on talking to Mike Smythe at CKNW, said they had bids from three shipbuilders. One from the US, the one from the Netherlands, and one from a BC builder!

When questioned about the cost, Mr. Padden said the BC bid was two million dollars more, so the contract was awarded to the European company. Do you remember we sent 430 million dollars for three BC ferries to a German company to support their employees. Money directly sent outside of our province with absolutely no spin-offs to BC business.

Mr. Padden had no concern at all about BC workers losing out on the contract, even when pressed that the residual benefits would far exceed the two million dollar difference. He arrogantly said that was not Translink's concern and it was not their policy to promote BC jobs! Apparently we pay this man about half a million dollars a year to make these kinds of decisions. When asked about Christy Clark's BC Jobs Plan, Padden said the BC Government had nothing to do with Translink as they were totally independent! And there was no priority to contract work to British Columbia companies. It was NOT their policy!

So we are back in the position of allowing Netherlands workers to buy cars and stoves and pension plans. At the cost of BC taxpayers! It is a shame that we have people in high positions who seem to be working independently of British Columbia interests.

Once again, if we understand how international business works, in regards to big money contracts, we have to wonder what other benefits are contained in this decision. All we can say is they'd better hide the money trail carefully, because some people are determined to find out who is getting what.
When you obviously work against the benefit of the people whose money you are spending, you evoke suspicion for your methods. Either that or you just don't give a damn. Either way there needs to be an accounting to the government of BC and perhaps someone needs to be fired.

One should ask Christy Clark what happened to her BC Jobs Plan? Having people working in BC should be a priority. The money drain because of contracts like this weighs heavily toward the ability to have a balanced budget. People who are working in BC are spending that pay within BC!

Mr. Paddon doesn't consider or care about British Columbians. Why do we consistently hire these people? Spending 25 million in a foreign country over spending 27 million in BC is false economy by anyone's standards. Evidently Paddon doesn't comprehend that.

I would ask all those BC Liberals who are so obediently quiet what are they proposing to do for British Columbians if they are elected in May? And how can we trust them to do anything if they cannot speak up for the voters now?

Same old same old from the BC Liberal Government.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Let'$ Make a Deal.

This is not exactly yet about BC politics, but bear with me a moment.
The Federal Conservatives just allowed the sellout to CNOOC, the Chinese communist state owned oil company, of NEXEN, the Alberta energy company. Nexen is one of Canada’s top 10 energy corporations in the Alberta oilsands. The sale was never really about rejecting or approving the $15 billion dollar deal. It was done long ago.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper even had his picture taken with Canada flags and a sign that said, 'A Strong Canada'. Sure. Reminds me of a newscast bit I saw showing a street corner drug dealer being cuffed while wearing a jacket with the stitching,'Just say no to drugs'. He was caught selling meth. Same contorted message designed as disinformation. 

So what do all these red-neck Albertans who are now gleefully shaking hands while counting their cut of the deal have to do with BC? Ask what the future holds? The Chinese think 30 years down the road. Canadians think 30 days.
Right now we have BC lumber going to China. Most of the BC forestry is foreign owned already. But as you know, our BC lumber mills keep burning down. Raw logs have been sent to US mills for years after American companies bought our industry and closed most Canadian mills to keep Washington State mills operating. At the cost of Canadian jobs. So what happens when the Chinese start thinking they can mill their own lumber, and just want us to send the logs? 

Their thinking will be to simply BUY our forests, send in their own people to cut down the trees and their own ships to transport them to China. Like they are doing with mining right now! Do they have the technology and capacity to do that? Probably do, and if they don't right now they'll simply have Canadian engineering companies design it all for them and then tell us to take a hike. Meanwhile passing around yuan to whomever in order to get the deal done. Maybe even rip us off there too as the currency is only worth 15 cents. 

That's where BC comes into it. 

Some people would suggest that virtually ALL international deals like this get done by making sure the players who are in charge of what is wanted, and are able to make the decisions necessary, get a serious dose of cash, deposited into a stealth bank account somewhere. Silly ideas? Maybe not, the court case of Karlheinz Schreiber and Brian Mulroney proved a lot of that. 

BC already has a track record of selling out our resources via the Liberal governments. 
Run of the River Power projects, heralded at the time by Gordon Campbell and now hurting our BC Hydro. BC Rail, our own railroad intended to open up our vast interior and service the people of the province, is now only used for the profit of CN. BC Ferries sending huge building contracts to Germany instead of BC shipyards. Foreign owned fish farms operating at the detriment of the worlds largest wild salmon run, virtually killing off nature's bounty for the profit of a few. 
You have to ask why would the ones in power make these deals against the people if private gain wasn't the goal? 

So when the Chinese come with cash in their wallets, anxious to pass it around to anyone who can make the deal they want, don't expect the government to have ethics or the good of the people of the province in mind when their pockets are open and available. Shareholders' instant dividends trump the future of the industry and the ownership of the resource. 

And even some Conservative MPs are saying the Chinese cannot be trusted to honor any deal they sign, quoting past records. 

Now here is the final slap in the face that your Prime Minister gave you, Harper would not tell you any part of the deal. Not what the Chinese communists get, and worse, not what Canada gets! He said it would be up to the Chinese to reveal any part of the deal! It is all secret!

Do you have any thoughts that the Enbridge tar sands oil pipeline to Kitimat won't be approved? Neither do I.
Know what a 'done deal' is? So do I. 
Do you feel like we are only a third world country? So do I.

And I hope that not a single BC Conservative gets elected. Alberta can sell out, but British Columbia doesn't need to.
We need responsible government in Canada. Not secrecy. 

The only power you have left is your vote. 

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The arrogance of them all!

On the same day that the Vancouver Sun sported a headline saying the BC Government deficit had increased to 1.47 BILLION dollars, Bill Good of CKNW radio, had a one hour commercial for the BC Liberals featuring one of their main spin cyclists, Philip Hochstein, President of the of the Independent Contractors of BC. Now this is an arrogant guy. He should give psychic readings, he keeps telling anyone who will listen what is in Adrian Dix's mind. And what every NDP MLA will do. Nice, he should forecast earth-quakes and tsunames too! That's not a pack of smokes in his pocket, it's a deck of tarot cards!

He went on and on while Bill Good sat and listened without interruption to his ridiculous spin that the NDP would be so bad for BC they'd put us into a deep hole. Ahem. 

That 1.47 billion was an increase of 50% in the last six MONTHS!  There it was in the newsaper, probably right there on the NW studio coffee table, available for any intelligent person to see and read. Of course that doesn't fit the agenda of these Liberal hacks. Even the BC Liberal controlled Vancouver Sun had to print it. No matter how much they wanted it buried amid their Want ads.

Hochstein didn't even bother to mention that deficit or why it was so out of whack, he just went after Adrian Dix like a grow-op pitbull. At least Good, Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer usually accept a question about the BC Liberals and their idol, Christy Ckark, before carefully and stealthily guiding their answer to go after what the NDP did many years ago. 

Of course, Dix is frustrating the hell out of them, because he won't fall into their traps and give them real ammunition. He is playing the cool game right into Clark's goal, and it looks like he's going to score big time.  But Hochstein doesn't even bother to change the subject. He just ignores reality to rabidly chase the NDP.

If he really is interested in construction work in BC, perhaps he should go after all those employers importing cheap labour from Argentina, Guatemala  Mexico, the Philippines and yes, China! No wait, Christy Clark is selling her BC jobs plan. Is it interpreted to mean come to BC for a job? But don't apply if you're already here? 

One would think Hochstein doesn't get it at all. Maybe he doesn't understand that a deficit is NOT the debt. The deficit is the difference between the money Government takes in and what the Government spends each year. Receipts include the money the Government gets from income taxes as well as user fees and other income sources. Outlays include all provincial spending including health, social security etc. along with all other spending. 
When there is a deficit, the Provincial Government must borrow the money needed for the government to pay its bills.

The BC Provincial DEBT is about 45 BILLION. YOU are paying 2.5 Billion in interest payments alone! 

But in spite of not accounting for it's spending or telling us where it is trying to save, (all the while advertising everywhere about how great they are, using YOUR money) indoctrinated people like Hochstein blindly go after whomever they're directed to attack. The voters are beginning to ask if the NDP is going to be so bad, how can they be worse than this group of pretenders? Don't forget people, these are the so called 'businessmen' who keep telling us they know how to run things. Hmm, maybe it's time for the simplicity of amateurs who know you can't spend more than you get. People who never had a rich daddy to set them up in business and had to live on their own income. 

MLA Mike de Jong accounted the BC Liberals poor financial showing to not being able to sell a Little Mountain property for 232 million. Like that would have done it? What's next? Selling off Stanley Park? Isn't that the problem with the BC Liberal mentality? Just sell off what they don't own to cover their bills? Your BC Railroad is gone but what did that money do for you?

To see the BC Liberals floundering every day as they dig a deeper hole is not the thing, to see the corruptions emerge every week and the constant turmoil over their poor decisions is not it either, it is the arrogance that they show while being sucked under. 

People like Hochstein have no clue. He could be equated with Rush Limbaugh in the States; making spurious arguments to the detriment of the party he thinks he represents!
A growling dog with teeth but no brains. Perhaps not really important but he just can't shut up. The NDP is older and wiser these days. They've silenced the harangue of their unions. They are steering a careful course towards re-election as the BC Government. And when they get there we'll be bitching about them too. We desperately need a change in the British Columbia government, each week the suspicions of corruption get deeper than Christy Clark's cleavage.

But the BC Liberals can't get the Gordon Campbell heritage out of their heads. The Liberal attitude of get it all for us, regardless of what the public thinks ... a perfectly expressed attitude by the arrogant Philip Hochstein. 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How much more can you take?

Here's yet another revelation about the BC Liberals and secret dealings. All you need to ask is who exactly benefits from these secretly negotiated deals? Who would stand to have secret money deposited into a secret bank account somewhere? Who did the negotiating? Who signed a deal? Who was on the target list for the corporate lobbyists? And who was friends with whom?
Check out the links - - -

Business in BC  Ezine magazine exposes secret dealings of Liberal Government. All you grey suit/brown brogues guys read this, don't you? Do you feel betrayed?

Bob Mackin  Solitary investigative blogger tells embarrassing truths. And the problem is that they ARE truths.

So don't run away crying and trying to make believe these kinds of deals are good for British Columbians, because you know, even through your hatred of the NDP that the present Liberals are doing far more damage than any other party has done, or could do in a term. The Conservatives were infiltrated and the moles did their work, basically destroying that newly emerging party. The Liberals are self destructing!

So we have this secretly planned deal with the liquor branch. Previous secretly fixed deals with Norwegian Fish Farms, Private Run-of-the-River hydro power projects, selling off OUR BC Rail. Is your head still in the sand?

People are beginning to ask; Can we get to May 2013 and have our wonderful Province still intact?

Who will explode first? BC Taxpayers? The Government? Certain MLAs?

Perhaps however it comes, the fallout could reach all the way to Canada House.

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Yes, what else can you call it?
We have Christie Clark running for her life to the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Mr. Fraser, over vanDongen's queries about BC Rail, and it is revealed that he, the conflict head, is in conflict of interest too because his son is very close to Christie Clark!

We have Christie Clark pretending she is laying down hard terms over Enbridge's pipeline but all the while she must be aware of the fact that Harper will push through his Chinese trade agreement even if everyone in BC is against Enbridge. He is just about to sign an agreement with the Chinese communist government to sell the Alberta tar sands oil to the Chinese National oil company, and if anyone in BC tries to circumvent the deal, or interfere after it starts, the Chinese communists will be able to legally SUE OUR democracy to ensure OUR oil gets to China! We are becoming a US state AND a province of China!

And yes, no one is commenting much on the fact that Enbridge has said they will be setting up a separate company to do the pipeline! A company that Enbridge hedges they are not sure of what insurance that new company might have to cover oil spills. (Not to mention that Exxon has STILL not paid the fines for the Valdez spill) The thinking of Enbridge seems to be even if there is a spill, we just won't ever get it cleaned up anyway! And they have just been called back to Kalamazoo by the American government to clean that river  further. Why? Because tar sands oil sinks to the bottom of the water and pollutes the bed for generations, but it is not immediately visible! Hidden is great for oil pipeline companies!

So we have all this stuff going on, and yet the Vancouver mainstream media doesn't say a word unless it is to twist and turn the spin into an attack on the NDP!

So it IS depressing. Do you all remember the inquiry into Brian Mulroney? And the testimony of  lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber? He testified that bribery in these world dealings is a common form of getting things done. And I am depressed but I believe it. I do believe that within those dealings with Mr Mulroney, Brian got paid off as Mr Schreiber says he did. My opinion.

I do believe that huge money has found it's way into secret bank accounts of BC politicians too, over Run-of the-River Hydro projects, over allowing foreign owned fish farms to destroy our wild salmon fishery, to the selling of OUR railroad, BC Rail. And I would not be surprised if that trail led all the way to England and the UK High Commissioner's office.

And the British Columbia media keeps zipped up about it all. Is that bribery that I suspect being filtered down to them all? Perhaps ask Basi and Virk, they are evidently allowed to speak about it now.

Is there anyone left in BC who cares for the health and wealth of our province?

Monday, 29 October 2012

Ever wonder why deals are made?

printed in The Common Sense Canadian ..... please read it all ..... so called deals like this one make you wonder what the motive could be to make a Canadian politician betray their own people ...... the natural answer is as always with BC Liberals .....  FOLLOW THE MONEY!

Premier Clark Supports Canada-China Trade Deal, Abandons BC's Constitutional Rights

Written by Rafe Mair Sunday, 28 October 2012 11:12
I don’t suppose that many of you have not by now heard of FIPA (Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement), the trade deal between Canada and China Stephen Harper is pushing forward - and I don't suppose that many of you, including me, have a full comprehension of what this will mean to trade, not to mention our economy, resources and environment.
Dr. Gus Van Harten of Osgoode Hall has written a must-read letter to Premier Clark which you can read here.
There are a few things we do know:
  1. It applies to trade agreements between Canada and China and, thanks to the premier, BC as well.
  2. It is, like NAFTA, a treaty that for practical reasons, is all but unbreakable for 31 years.
  3. It gives China the ability to obtain huge damages if we don’t perform our side of any deal and to sue for them in her own courts
  4. This agreement has not been debated in Parliament nor in the Legislature of BC
  5. It won’t be debated in Parliament or the BC Legislature because both the Prime Minister and Premier Clark don’t think they need the agreement of our legislative bodies
  6. Without any question, this treaty will impact upon the Province of British Columbia and could cost us hundreds of millions of dollars
  7. It seriously compromises the constitutional rights BC has under Section 92 of the Constitution Act (1982)
Let me direct you to the Premier’s letter (below) for which I’m grateful to Laila Yuile, a blogger who’s a necessary read if you want to really see what’s going on inside.
Let us suppose the Province, under a different government, wants to stop the Enbridge pipeline or any other contract where China has an interest. This will involve us in a huge claim in damages. Indeed, any deal the federal government makes with China has been accepted in advance by Premier Clark.
Think on that for a moment. We have signed away, without any mandate from the Legislature, let alone the people, our constitutional right to oppose trade agreements with China no matter how badly they fly in the face of BC’s constitutional powers or how injurious they are to BC's interests.
Below you’ll see a letter from Clark pledging BC cooperation with the feds.
Jane Sterk, Leader of the Green Party of BC, questioned this policy and got this rubbish in reply on October 26:
Dear Dr. Sterk:

Thank you for your letter of October 23, 2012, regarding the Canada-China Foreign Investment and Protection Agreement (FIPA) that was signed at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in September.

The provincial government has been involved in the process that led to this agreement and we are confident the new Agreement will provide a framework through which greater economic prosperity will come for British Columbians and for British Columbia’s business sector.

I think we can agree that international investment is key to building our provincial economy. We feel encouraged that written in the Agreement are unambiguous assurances that provisions and procedures for investor-to-state dispute settlements are clearly laid out and that they stipulate transparency provisions that are important to Canada. We have been advised that the Agreement will likely result in one of the best written investor protection treaties ever and significant efforts have been put into ensuring the Agreement is in the best long-term interests of Canada.

The main goal and objective of this FIPA is to establish a more transparent investment relationship with China and to ensure Canada and Canadian businesses are treated fairly. China is B.C.’s second largest trading partner and we want to strengthen that relationship. This investment agreement is an important step in the right direction towards improving our trade, investment and cultural ties with China.

Christy Clark
There are two major issues here:
  1. Is this a good deal for Canada and BC?
  2. What are the implications for BC’s constitutional rights under the Constitution Act of 1982?
As to the former, again, I urge you to read this letter from trade expert Dr. Gus Van Harten to Premier Clark.

As to the latter, as one who has been involved in such matters at the highest level, I can tell you that on the face of it, Premier Clark’s letter abandons the constitutional protections BC has.

This is no minor, legal nit-picking. We live in a federation where both the federal government and the provinces have legal, inviolable rights. This is the glue that holds the nation together.

On the pipelines/tankers specifically there are a number of areas where BC has the absolute right to make conditions or ban them outright. Premier Clark, in her disastrous statement, has, on the face of it, estopped BC from exercising our rights. “Estopped” means that she has taken a position upon which another has acted and can no longer exercise the rights she signed away.

In short, by agreeing to this treaty, she has, for the length of the contract, surrendered our right to exercise our constitutional rights.

Why did Premier Clark do this?

We can't overlook the fact that she may just be too stupid to understand what she has done. One hates to say this sort of thing but this is surely an option we must consider, remembering Mair’s Axiom One which states, “You make a very serious mistake assuming that people in charge know what the hell they’re doing.”

If she took advice, it was terrible. Moreover, she couldn’t possibly have read outside independent advice as that given by Dr. Van Harten.
To my way of thinking it’s because she’s at the mercy of the Feds when it comes to canceling the HST, just a month ahead of next May’s election.

We have, then, given our constitutional rights away without any consultation with the people who lose these powers. It’s been called “economic treason” and I agree.

Is there any doubt now why she was too cowardly to call a fall sitting of the Legislature?

To give this bunch another mandate would be insane.
Last modified on Sunday, 28 October 2012 19:56

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Enbridge - again - sigh

The NDP criticized Christy Clark and her focus on Enbridge as being less than attentive, to be mild. And the BC Liberals argued the NDP voices were yelling for political gain and everything was taken care of.

The main criticism of the Liberal's plan was that they would be allowed to present themselves at the hearings in Edmonton, but had to state a case before the hearing deadline. The Liberal government expected to cross examine Enbridge at the hearings. They had appointed a so called 'A-Team' led by former Liberal MLA Geoff Plant to represent BC voters and that all would be okay.
 "He's going to be making sure that we get the answers to the questions that we need," said Clark. "He is one of the finest legal minds in our country. He understands the environment, he understands the government, he understands politics, and our coastline. And the protection of our land base here in British Columbia is deeply important to Geoff."  He doesn't seem to understand work ethic.

And Environment Minister Terry Lake said, "Our questions will focus around liability insurance coverage, corporate structure and ensuring British Columbians wouldn't be left holding any kind of bill if in fact there was an adverse event." But he didn't bother to hang out long enough to ask any questions.

They lasted almost twelve minutes before they were declared out of order, and were told to come back when they were prepared! The Liberal government had over two YEARS to establish themselves but did not do it. All the time, Christy Clark reassuring the BC people in photo-op after photo-op that they were on it.

But that's not the point! The point is that Geoff Plant is the appointed lawyer to present on behalf of the BC Liberals! He gets $325.00 per HOUR for this. By the time government lawyer Elisabeth Graff was shut down in Edmonton, Environment Minister Terry Lake and Geoff Plant were already gone! On a plane back to BC. Evidently nothing was deeply important enough for Plant to stay around.

How is that for representing the people of BC and their environmental concerns?

One would almost conclude that the appointment of Mr Plant was nothing other than what BC Liberals always do; pass out taxpayer dollars to their friends at every and all opportunities.

And the BC Liberals were furious about NDP leader Adrian Dix criticizing them for this feeble effort?

But is it just political? Grand Chief Phillip, president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs warned, “There is absolutely no way we will tolerate a project that would violate the environmental integrity of our traditional territories along the pipeline route and along the B.C. coast. Our people are prepared to go to the wall against this. There is no doubt about that.”  Phillip vowed a long, protracted fight, including blockades and mass protests, against the project, if it is allowed to proceed.

One could also conclude that the whole process by Christy Clark and her Liberals, is a preconceived plan to appear to be fighting for British Columbians, while tacitly allowing Stephan Harper and the Alberta oil cartel to bulldoze their pipeline through BC whether we like it or not.

Any deal the Christy Clark government makes from here on in, should have a caveat attached.

The pipeline is projected to earn 81 billion over 30 years. But only 6 billion of that goes to BC. That's likely the cost of the first oil spill cleanup. What do we do for the next 29 years?

BC is your traditional territory too. Pay attention.
Can we vote now please?

Addenda: - - - Interesting points coming out at the Enbridge tar sands Pipeline hearings: did you know that Enbridge is planning to set up a totally DIFFERENT company for their pipeline? And that the insurance coverage of this company may only be 2 Billion? They have already spent 8 Billion on the cleanup of the Kalamazoo River which you can simply drive a truck up to the spill point! Obviously they are trying to sleaze out of their responsibilities!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

The All New BC Christy Liberals for 2013

The BC Provincial election is in May of 2013. Christy Clark has chosen her big guns for the epic battle. She found some under the back benches. Not ALL the BC Liberals deserted her, there were still some to pick from. (she was seen at KFC buying the Slim Pickens bucket.) So now all new for 2013, Christy presents the election ticket for prosperity in British Columbia!   Trust us.  We`re the BC Liberals!

BC Premiere, Christy Clark

Sure she looks dazed, but .. but a premier`s job is hard. (is that Basil Rathbone behind her) Look to the future, where you won't have to do anything but listen to what we tell you. We're for families and blueberries and PPPs and surrrprissses.

             Ministry of Labor and              Ministry of Wildlife            Ministry of Welfare
                  Beer Distribution                  and Whining                  and Inertia
                 Fred Waddle                      Eunice Shivver              Harvey Closetted

           Ministry of Finance               Ministry of Holograms        Ministry of Intimidation
              and Finagling                      and Mysteriums               and Tax Collection
                   Al Kida                          Havanna Marks                  Dawg Bailiff    

         Ministry of Health                  Ministry of Ethics                 Ministry of Forestry     
          and Hospitals                    and Crime Prevention             and Agonyculture
       Dr. I.O. Stranglelove              Kahuna Wakalulu                Olaf Bigwoody 

So there you have it, our pride and ploy ... er joy. We defy the NDP or the BC Conservatives to come up with a line-up of talent like this. (No that's not him, just looks similar) Elect us again and we`ll get right back to doing the same things to you all over again. 

Our new platform includes; 
- selling Vancouver Island to the Chinese so they won`t have so far to ship their toxic plastics and contaminated foods; 
- selling the water in our rivers in Public Private Partnerships to collect taxes on toilet flushes; 
- selling Rich Coleman to the Alberta Meat Packers Assoc. (testing for mad-cow first, of course); 
- tolling all the bridges everywhere including that lil wooden one by Second Beach in Stanley Park; (don`t laugh, they`ll pay when we let developers build condos on the west side of the park); 
- cutting taxes on the rich and making workers pay their fair share; 
- setting up a Defend ex Liberals fund for those who got caught and were persecuted unfairly; (or might get caught in the future); 
- fixing the HST before 2035;
- forgetting BC Rail once and for all; 
- making BC a have-not province for a sixth time, (the NDP only managed it once, we've done it five times!); 
- setting up a Junior Ministry advisory on Atlantic fish farm salmon and why growth hormones and coloring are good for you; 
- writing a new melody to the Fast Ferries chant; 
- yes, we`ll even adjust the minimum wage to $9.25 per hour! 

And remember, we don't do French here so Dix is NOT a ten!

All great reasons to return the BC Christy Party to POWER!

There`s lots more where this came from!

[Paid for by the Desperation Committee to re-elect any Liberal anywhere somehow]


Monday, 6 August 2012

Public meetings

I went to a public meeting years ago. It was about how to move the bus loop from the Lost Lagoon area of Stanley Park, because the buses had to turn left across bridge traffic coming from Lions Gate and the North Shore. In rush hour traffic this was almost impossible. So they were looking for ideas and input. Or so I thought.

the existing route
This was their proposed plan. They would run the trolly buses west on Georgia and instead of turning left across rush hour traffic to the present loop (at that time) beside Lost Lagoon, they would instead go into Stanley Park, beside the old pedestrian overpass and park along Pipeline Road. Then to return would have to go beneath the causeway overpass to go along beside Lost Lagoon and enter the causeway traffic onto Georgia Street at Chilco to head East.

This plan seemed to me to be very expensive, as so much work would have to be done to allow trolleys to make the entrance and exit. And also drivers would have to take their breaks at night within Stanley Park.

I came up with a plan that I thought solved all the problems. I drew up street maps to show how it would work on large white boards. This was my proposed plan:
Have the buses take the right lane just as soon as they pass the junction where Pender merges with Georgia Street, and crosses Cardero. Then they would turn right, from Georgia onto Denman, causing literally no traffic slow down in rush hour. There is an existing small parking area there for yacht clubs but would only take a little more space for a bus turnaround. No interference with traffic at all.

my bus route proposal
And the best part is exiting. The bus would proceed south on Denman and make a left turn with the traffic light onto Georgia again to go East. As 99% of all the traffic coming north on Denman is turning left onto Georgia to head for the Lions Gate Bridge, there would be no traffic tension at all! Any right turns off Denman would have no effect on buses.

The cost of doing this change would be to take a little more space from the existing grass area and perhaps the yacht parking lot to build the turn-around loop. A few poles for trolley wires, some new pavement and that's it! And people intending to go into Stanley Park would exit right onto the Seawall! And it was only yards away from the planned loop.

I presented this plan to all concerned at a meeting in the Denman Auditorium. The room was crowded and after I had finished, almost everyone who heard it agreed that it was an excellent and smooth way to go without causing an expensive taxpayer outlay.

As the meeting concluded, the city engineers in charge decided to recap what they heard at the meeting. They said they heard that everyone liked the ideas of the city to have the buses go into Stanley Park. The crowd roared their disagreement. Mostly stunned at such a conclusion. Many people asked how they could have heard that when their proposal had been booed at the time! Many people were members of Friends of Stanley Park and had paid close attention. So the panel simply thanked us and left.

A few years later they rebuilt the the whole causeway overpass to allow the installation of trolley wires and height for the large buses to get under.  It was opened in 2003 and I have no idea how much it cost.

The point of all this is to suggest that public hearings are nothing more than public relations exercises that have little purpose and NO effect on the pre-embedded plans that corporations want to do. And they know that they can say whatever they like afterward without contradiction. I am not saying my plan was the ultimate, other speakers had other ideas. I am saying that they just didn't care what people thought. It was a predetermined 'go ahead' long before any public input was called for.

Keep this in mind if you attend any public hearings on the Enbridge or Kinder-Morgan pipeline proposals.

(pics from Google Earth, click to enlarge)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

BC Day

The British Columbia Day Act was first introduced to the Legislative Assembly in 1974 by the NDP Government. The aim of the Bill was to create a statutory holiday on the first Monday in August to recognize the pioneers in the province. The act gained royal assent in 1996.
There are a number of symbols of British Columbia. These include the Steller's Jay, the Pacific Dogwood, jade, the Western Red Cedar and the provincial tartan. Two important symbols of British Columbia are the flag and the coat of arms.

Our province is huge, 944,735 square kilometres (364,800 sq mi). Larger than Washington, Oregon and California combined! Most of which is mountains, rivers, lakes and grasslands that can offer solitude or success if one works for it.  Splendor sine occasu has been our motto - "Splendour without Diminishment." And Tourism BC sells it as Supernatural British Columbia! The bottom edge of BC is perhaps the last remaining population center that has unexplored wilderness within a hundred miles to the north.
Our Fraser River travels over 1,375 kilometres (854 mi) through glacial mountain ranges and secluded valleys to empty 800,000 gallons (3550 cubic litres) of fresh water per minute into the sea at Vancouver.
Lytton is often the hottest place in Canada and the Vaseux Lake region of the Okanagan has the only arid biotic zone (desert) in Canada! While our North becomes Robert Service country and can be the coldest in Canada. Our regional variety is wonderful. You can often drive northward in your car without seeing another human for hours yet a wonderfully healthy wildlife abounds.
Our Capital, Victoria, continues to be a little bit of pleasantly quaint, 'Jolly Old' past. While Vancouver symbolizes the future and has become the envy of the world.

The pioneering spirit has always been strong in BC since the many hardy explorers and gold rushers traveled to our interior, seeking wealth or land or the fortune of settlement. Some walked over mountains and traversed rivers after gold or silver or exploration. Loaded mule trains once went North daily full of hard tack, miner's picks and dreams and even included imported camels at one time as pack animals for the prospectors. And when BC needed to join Canada, the railroad building was blasting through solid rock cliffs and gorges and progress was measured in months and sometimes by lives lost. Only men of inner strength and sturdy character need apply. The weathered reminders of homesteads abound in BC, softly settling into history. And the Indian names remain, the Caribou, the Chilcootin and the Kootenays. The true wild west was here too when our grasslands were full of cattle and ranchers riding their range. The Douglas Lake Cattle Company was once the world's biggest ranch! Our lumber industries took advantage of vast coastal forests.
Today we have cosmopolitan cities of vibrant people full of industry, high tech and promise on our southern borders, to the enchanting loneliness of our north and our seacoast fjords with rugged folks content in their solitude and independence. There is something for everyone in BC. 

BC Social Credit governments established BC Ferries and we once had more ships in BC than the Canadian Navy. The old BC Electric company became BC Hydro and guaranteed perpetual power for British Columbians. BC Rail was the result of taking over the Pacific Great Eastern Railway and was begun to open up our sparse interior and offer service to the people of small towns. BC was growing, exciting and proud.

The present population of BC is a marvelous mix. Not a melting pot, but a mosaic of varied cultures who have arrived on our shores seeking peace and prosperity. And contribute to the interesting diversity of our society. We should all be thankful that we do live in a land of plenty, with freedom and hospitality and the ability to follow any pursuit we wish.

Today that pioneering spirit is still active, with modern British Columbians ready willing and able to continue making our province great and progressive into the 21st century.
But it is a heritage that must be carefully guarded and shepherded into the years ahead with the interests of BC and our people first and foremost.
We are a vibrant, industrious and intelligent people who can continue to exploit the promise of the future and build our province into a supernatural place of pride and opportunity.
Join in, all are welcome.

Happy BC Day!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Suspicious old me ....

A while ago, the BC Liberals weren't even considering selling the BC Liquor Distribution Branch. Now they are suddenly scampering to get a deal done before they are thrown out of office. Why?
Freedom of Information documents released Thursday by NDP critic Shane Simpson suggest that the government had no interest in selling its liquor warehouses - one in Kamloops, one in Vancouver - until Exel Logistics presented a plan to MLA Shirley Bond during a golf game. And Liberal insiders Patrick Kinsella and Mark Jiles lobbied several other government ministers on behalf of Exel relating to privatization of the province’s liquor distribution system.

Keep in mind that BC is one of the largest importers and distributers in North America for liquor, about 900 million dollars a year! A very rich plum to control for a private company. Sales per capita in BC are far above those of Quebec and Ontario.
Kinsella served as an adviser to Premier Christy Clark during her successful leadership run. He was also Gordon Campbell’s election campaign manager in 2001 and 2005. (Yes, the same Gordon Campbell who has run up huge bills in London as High Commissioner to Canada.)
Exel has a monopoly in Alberta where it is said liquor prices are 30% higher than before privatization. 

 Shirley Bond wrote in August 2011 to Exel; “At this time, the government is not considering making any changes to the existing liquor distribution system.”
So what changed their minds?  Yet here in July 2012, she is saying, "We need to get this done." As if SHE thought it up for the good of the people and as if there is some urgency in handing a private company millions of dollars. Well what can be made of this?

The BC Liberals,  seem to be shepherding the process so a deal can be contracted by March of 2013, only 10 WEEKS before an election! Where in all likelyhood, and probably partly because of this deal, they will get thrown out.

Adrian Dix has already said the NDP can't work wonders and tear up legitimate contracts. (Yes, I recall the BC Liberals doing just that a few years ago, but we're talking about integrity here.) Yet that doesn't mean that Christy Clark and the cabinet members involved in selling away assets wouldn't be susceptible to criminal investigation and charges, for ignoring their fiduciary responsibility in handling BC assets.

Suppliers who sell in both B.C. and Alberta, where Exel Logistics handles distribution in that province, said supply and delivery costs are double in the neighbouring province than what they are in BC. That has to reflect your retail costs.

 If one had a suspicious mind to nefarious deals, and I do, one could think there is a payoff built into the process somewhere. A payoff that would not exist with a new government who would be unfriendly to the likes of Kinsella et al. So in order for someone to collect that secret fund, or commission, or payoff, or graft, or bribe, or finders fee or whatever you want to call it, the deal would have to be in place before it could be rescinded by an NDP government.

Suspicious minds are built over a length of time or by a series of events that don't make sense. Is there some reason why anyone would NOT be suspicious of anything these Liberals do? Shirley Bond had a meeting with an Exel official at a golf event in Prince George. After which it was a go to sell off more BC assets. Isn't that the exact method mafia boss John 'the Teflon Don' Gotti used to avoid planted police microphones and FBI surveillance? By meeting his mob buddies on open golf courses? It remains to be seen how slippery these BC Liberals are, but taking a cue from our former Premier, pretty slippery.

You can't wonder why I am suspicious.

Just sayin'.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Nothing there. No worries.

The room:
Anyone see anything?
I don't see anything.
There's nothing in this room.
By the way, where's Christy?
She must be out somewhere.
Yeah, photo opping.
Well, we might as well go.
Yes, nothing here.
Right, nothing in the room.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Shut it down quick! Truth is showing!

This is the Enbridge Pipeline spoof by Dan Murphy that the Province Newspaper pulled from their website immediately after an Enbridge person called them to complain about it. I guess we know who the major Vancouver newspaper takes its orders from. It is actually hilarious!

You can embed your very own copy of this video into your website or blog too, by just cutting and pasting the following code into your html ..... please pass it on ......

 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/eZrr-4DCZL8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Sunday, 24 June 2012

I'm not Lisa.

I'm not Lisa, my name is Julie
Lisa left you years ago
My eyes are not blue
But mine won't leave you
'Til the sunlight has touched your face

                                    popular song by Jessi Colter from her album, An Outlaw.

Somehow it seems to fit. You try to pretend something is the same but it has changed. The song is about human nature. About the inability to face a disappointing situation. It seems to me that many British Columbians are struggling with this malaise right now. Trying to simply put food on the table and forcing themselves to believe things are not that bad, but they don't want to be told.

What I am trying to say is, I am telling you. And all the posts here are telling you that the BC Liberals have changed the lives of all of us. And we have to accept and face it. Perhaps it has not affected you just yet, but it will, and may be irreversible if we allow it to go on. 

But I am not an NDPer. I do not vote NDP. And having said that, I am not a BC Conservative either. Or a Liberal. Or any other underground cellar plotting party. Although I noticed once that Richard the Troll of the BC Rhinoceros Party got more votes than many of the mainstream party candidates.  IF you can even call the current crop of MLAs main stream these days. They behave like fringe parties raping a Third World country! And have a 'what's in it for me' mentality.

And the Outlaw idea fits too. It seems to me that the BC Liberals are working against the people of BC, not for us. The legislation and the rules and laws brought in seem to be hurting British Columbians instead of helping them. Only favoring a select few. And like outlaws, money is the driving force. Ethics and honesty left you years ago. Along with Lisa.

So how can one judge these people and organizations that want political power now? You of course, can only assess them on their recent actions. Christy Clark is bludgeoning her way straight ahead, pretending there never even was a Gordon Campbell, all the while ignoring our salmon fishery being destroyed by foreign owned fish farms. All the while sucking up to Harper's Enbridge tar sands oil pipeline which has the ability to destroy pristine wilderness forever, (Valdez, Alaska has still not recovered, and Exxon hasn't even paid all their fines) in favour of Alberta oil exports to China. All the while ignoring the BC Rail train robbers who took the whole train! Christy Clark continues stomping out bush fires right and left and pretending nothing is wrong. Christy, the elephant in the room is you and it is 6 million dollars wrong!

What about the BC Conservatives? Well they have been suspiciously quiet, but they have not been attacked seriously by those in power. John Cummins, ex MP, now an MLA and leading the disenchanted right, just smiles and mumbles he would do it better. Hmm, I wonder if he would admit that most of Canada thinks the Brian Mulroney inquiry is the biggest embarrassment we've ever had?
What are Cummins' ties to Steven Harper and his disassembly of our environment laws with Bill C38? And yes, that bill hurts BCers because it clears the way for Alberta to sell its oil to the Chinese without concern or real input from British Columbians. The BC Conservatives have little to go on and we have to guess what they would really do. But hoping is not good enough, is it? The BC Conservative party seems a potential vehicle for fleeing Liberals to hide in.

And the NDP. Yes, they do have a track record. But chanting Fast Ferries is getting old, no one remembers the melody anymore. How long can the Liberals dredge up weathered scare tactics? Adrian Dix is also keeping quiet, preferring so far to edge into the campaign slowly and without hyperactivity. Clever of him. He is trying to look serious like a leader. And what about schooling, health care and unions, all NDP favorites. UBC constantly complains about the education level of students entering higher studies as incompetent to move ahead. Can we do better? Our health care presently is second to none, because of the people practicing the on-the-ground jobs. Unions? Dave Barrett passed back-to-work legislation. Would an NDP party governing BC have a deleterious effect on the people of the province? Or a positive one? It IS about the people who live here.

I suppose one has to look at the immediate past of BC politics and ask what gains we have had with the present government. And then ask what effect they have on you personally. Seems the only thing to me is the fact that everything is judged with a dollar value today. 
No one seems able to account for any of our tax dollars and it is almost like we are starting out to pay for anything new as if it needs all new dollars. As if there is no General Revenue. The new Port Mann crossing tolls will likely be about $4.00 per crossing. So a guy going to work 5 days a week into Vancouver, is going to have a $160.00 hit every month! That's nearly 2 THOUSAND dollars a year. A difference maker in your enjoyment of life and support of a family. It is not always about dollars. It should never be about greed.

I still have trouble with this because I am old enough to remember old WAC Bennett proudly saying, "No more tolls for British Columbians."

My eyes are not blue
But mine won't leave you

'Til the sunlight has touched your face, and there are thousands of voters out here who are waiting and watching and wondering if any sunshine is ever going to touch their faces. Or the faces of any MLAs. So far, with the present people in power, it looks like rain!
The only ones I hear saying how prosperous we are are those shareholders with a profit agenda or the heads of greedy corporations, most of them foreign owned, enjoying their tax reductions while that guy crossing the Fraser every morning to make a buck is paying for it all.

A change is needed. A big change. We have to face our situation. We have done it before. We have to get back to province building and consider the future of British Columbia, FOR the people of BC. The world is going to get harder to live in in the future, we need to gather and hold on to our resources and quit selling them off. Sometimes I feel like we have been raided and robbed and the train robbers are just waiting around the next bend for more.
And that is just wrong. I want to be proud of my province.

Sometimes we need to throw the outlaws out and start over again. Like cleaning under your sink.

Lisa left years ago. 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Presenting your all new Liberals for 2013

Now all with the proper student looks, full of smarts and intelligence and careful thought and cleverness. Exactly what you want in your government. Christy started it with her faux studious look (hoping to preempt Carole Taylor) and now they're all doing the dark rimmed glasses thing. All designed to fool you yet once again.

 The all NEW, 2013 lineup for BC Liberals!

NOT those old ones but the NEW studious, stupendous, serious, sexy, sensitive, somnambulent, sensational, stringent, sinless Liberals!




Vote for the all-NEW smart
BC Liberals!
Trust us, we're the BC Christy Party.

The 'Look' from the Looker

 But ... oops ...

Even she has old ugly baggage.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Not the old Christy ... but the ....

... new studious Christy Ckark, serious glasses and all.
The Lieberals are going to change their name, we're wondering if they're starting with the looks of their MLAs? Christy donned these 'smart' glasses to complain about what the RCMP thinks of us BCers. Not much, evidently.

Premier Clark recently commented on the RCMP moving a sexual predator Staff Sergeant from Alberta to BC. She's not happy with an RCMP decision to transfer a disgraced Alberta Mountie to a British Columbia detachment. Clark said Friday she thinks RCMP Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens made a wrong decision in accepting the transfer of Sgt. Don Ray, who was reprimanded for having sex with subordinates, exposing himself to a co-worker and drinking on the job.
Sheeez, don't people usually get fired for that? Especially in this day of sexual harrassment on the job. So far Callens' promise at his takeover of BC to change everything rings hollow.

Aside from the NON leadership of Callens, Christy seems to be doing her usual non leadership grandstanding photo-op where she laments the iniquity of a decision or action, but does little about it and says there is nothing that CAN be done about it. Donning black framed glasses won't change anything, maybe she should go to very dark glasses, those incognito kind.
And maybe you too, are like me in wondering what the Deputy Commissioner's idea of leadership actually is? This is what Callens said Thursday -  "The decision to accept the transfer wasn't an easy one, but somebody had to show some leadership on the issue."
Yes, he actually said that? What planet is this guy from? Does he actually have any idea what leadership is? Did he have the authority to reject the head office direction? If he did he didn't have the guts to fight it.

In a time where the RCMP is being sued by their own RCMP officers FOR sexual harassment on the job, leadership would be to ARREST this Officer upon his entry into BC, and charge him with these crimes, THEN let the Feds sort it out.  Force Ottawa into a public confrontation.  Leadership is going out on a limb when you are right rather than accepting the old boy's winks and nudges. It makes me wonder what the Federal RCMP hierarchy actually thinks of British Columbians?

And don't forget that Liberal Attorney General Shirley Bond just signed the new 20 year RCMP contract without reading it or understanding a sentence of it, because they duped her into a monetary deal in their favor, and supposedly the RCMP Act allows for sexual predators to stay on the job! Do you believe this?

And if you are the Premier of our province, knowing this situation, and desperately trying to win over lost voters, blinkers are not the answer, even if they are disguised as studious glasses for image. You'd better study the mood of the people first, you're not fooling anyone into thinking you are smart, intelligent or anything but clever in the worst sense of the word. She might as well be wearing Dame Edna glasses.

Indeed, Bond and Clark both had a great banner regarding police in BC that read, 'Increasing accountability'.  They both need reading glasses.

This is all disgusting!