Wednesday, 21 November 2012

How much more can you take?

Here's yet another revelation about the BC Liberals and secret dealings. All you need to ask is who exactly benefits from these secretly negotiated deals? Who would stand to have secret money deposited into a secret bank account somewhere? Who did the negotiating? Who signed a deal? Who was on the target list for the corporate lobbyists? And who was friends with whom?
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Business in BC  Ezine magazine exposes secret dealings of Liberal Government. All you grey suit/brown brogues guys read this, don't you? Do you feel betrayed?

Bob Mackin  Solitary investigative blogger tells embarrassing truths. And the problem is that they ARE truths.

So don't run away crying and trying to make believe these kinds of deals are good for British Columbians, because you know, even through your hatred of the NDP that the present Liberals are doing far more damage than any other party has done, or could do in a term. The Conservatives were infiltrated and the moles did their work, basically destroying that newly emerging party. The Liberals are self destructing!

So we have this secretly planned deal with the liquor branch. Previous secretly fixed deals with Norwegian Fish Farms, Private Run-of-the-River hydro power projects, selling off OUR BC Rail. Is your head still in the sand?

People are beginning to ask; Can we get to May 2013 and have our wonderful Province still intact?

Who will explode first? BC Taxpayers? The Government? Certain MLAs?

Perhaps however it comes, the fallout could reach all the way to Canada House.

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