Thursday, 12 September 2013

How it works in BC (#2)

The following was the BC Ferries edition, published on April 02, 2012, but can easily be applied to the new BC Hydro situation where the government is asking we, the taxpayers, to bear the burden of a 26% increase in our electricity rates.
BC Hydro, through the mismanagement of the BC Liberal Government, and the people chosen to run BC Hydro, are now paying $130 per kilowatt hour to the Private Power Producers that Gordon Campbell installed in sweetheart deals, when all experts say the price should be $20 per khr. And did you know that $17 of every hundred BC Hydro takes in goes for 'dividends' to the BC Liberal government! Surely it is a TAX increase!

 Reprinted from April 02, 2012 but easily applies to the present situation.This is Gordon Campbell's legacy and we are wondering, again, who got paid off to implement these P3 deals that are now sinking the once finest public utility in North America?

We expect, once more that the 26% is only a ploy and that they truly want, say 12%, and that Christy Clark will follow her mentor's ideas and step in to 'save' us. Thereby taking accolades for 'protecting' us poor BC taxpayers. 
A lot of people when considering these P3 power projects are saying, ' I told you so."
This is how it works in BC ...........

Monday, 2 April 2012

Here's how it works in BC

The Victoria Parliament Buildings at midnight. A meeting in the janitor's closet between two men ... both are wearing grey fedoras and black trenchcoats, with Groucho Marx glasses and fake mustaches. They are whispering ....

BC Ferries guy - We need a price increase of about four percent to cover our next years bonuses and payouts to executives for great service to the people.
BC Liberal guy - Listen, we always gotta consider the backlash to fare increases. Uh, lose the cigar, would you?
BC Ferries guy - Backlash?  That was only because David was making a million a year and the ridership didn't like it? 
BC Liberal guy - David?  
BC Ferries guy - David Hahn.The last CEO of BC Ferries.
(BC Liberal guy slits open the door and peaks out. No sound from the eerie marble hallway) 
BC Liberal guy - Oh yeah. The guy who was in charge when that ferry sank.
BC Ferries guy - Um, we don't talk about that one, okay?
BC Liberal guy - Well, he took the spotlight off Gordo's salary and pensions.
BC Ferries guy - Gordo who?

BC Liberal guy - Gordon Campbell, the ex Premier who we hid in England.
BC Ferries guy - Oh, I heard about that. The Gordon's gin guy, we toast him with tumblers. What about our fare increase?
BC Liberal guy - No prob. What 'll we say you need it for? Gas? 
BC Ferries guy - Well diesel, that's what we use. The boats were made in Germany, you know, not BC.  Easier to disseminate the money off shore ... if you know what I mean.  (it is so black neither sees the other's wink) Hey, careful where you nudge, eh?

BC Liberal guy - Okay, sure, okay. (pause) Well this is how it works here in BC. You come out publicly and ask for, say a 15% increase, we'll have Christy step in and say she's looking after families and only give you like, 4.8%.
BC Ferries guy - What's the .8 percent for?
BC Liberal guy - You'll be in charge of the money, yeah?
(silence in the blackness)

BC Liberal guy - Win win for all of us.
BC Ferries guy - Lose lose for ferry riders though. (snicker) Say, who's this Christy anyways?
BC Liberal guy - New boss lady, Christy Campbell, er, I mean Clark. Oops, Freudian slip .... (a tremble in his voice) Sheez, I could get sent to East Vancouver for that.

BC Ferries guy - Oh yeah, I remember, Clark is the BC Rail woman.
BC Liberal guy - Shhh. We don't talk about that one and we don't remember stuff either. (he worriedly puts his ear to the slit and listens carefully) Psst! If anyone comes just grab a broom and start sweeping.
BC Ferries guy - You'll get this through before any elections or anything though, right?
BC Liberal guy - Done. Even before the secret RCMP contract. Say, you haven't seen BC Hydro guy, have you?

BC Ferries guy - I think I saw him in the gardener's tool shed siphoning gas out of a lawn mower. Hey, wanna grab a burger? I know an underground MacDonald's that stays open after midnight.
BC Liberal guy - Sheez, here in Victoria? Does everyone do illegal stuff now? Okay, but let's leave one at a time.
BC Ferries guy -You couldn't go as a British Harpo, could you?

Since 2003, when the Crown corporation was quasi privatized, BC Ferries' fares have gone up by about 70 per cent on the major routes between Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland and by 80 per cent on the minor routes, according to a chart on the ferry commissioner's own website.
As the ridership declines, BC Ferries considers charging more from the few remaining passengers. These are the elite brainy people who run our province for huge salaries. 


Is this also a direct result of choosing to pay California 750 million dollars because they sued us and we backed down from a winning case?
Didn't you expect more from your politicians and management of YOUR resources?

You laugh or cry, either way, YOU are getting screwed by your corrupt government. 


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Bill Vander Zalm

Always a free thinker, he might still be ahead of all the other politicians .... watch this ....

Times, they are a changin'. Interesting, huh? And the truth too.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Here we go again all over again.

Is this deja vu vu vu? 

It's your money folks, you've given Christy the ability to continue spending it on her friends. 

Go here - - -  Post Election Severance Pay

Same old same old.
Would we know without the Freedom of Information Act?

And that's not all folks - - - Quick Wins Scandal Docs

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Power for free?

You see what happened, was that the BC Liberal government, under Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark, decided that British Columbia people were not good enough any longer to run BC Hydro. So they farmed out deals to their friends and 'partners' to let foreigners come into BC and run things. Just like they did with BC Ferries. The P3 power projects are now acknowledged to be costing the people of BC billions in cozy contracts that Campbell put into effect for whoever those guys were.

So it happened in BC Hydro. Powerex became a subsidiary corporation to sell our power to other places, California being one of them. So they had a power problem in California. And they owed us like 270 million for power. And the California power utilities who mismanaged their own power set-up didn't want to pay. So they said we were charging too much for our power and sued us for 3.2 BILLION! So we fought it a bit, but everyone in other countries knows Canadians are wimps. And will capitulate to whomever is frowning at us. They know we'll say we're sorry.

Now along comes Bill Bennett, the BC Liberal who was once kicked out of cabinet, (he behaves now, cabinet is lucrative) to tell us how good this payout to the California power corporations is for us. (actually their attorney general has his pocket open down there too) 
straight faced too

And with a totally straight face, Bennett said, "This was an extremely difficult decision to come to but a very necessary decision to protect British Columbia taxpayers ... "
Sheez, you'd hate to see what he'd do if a bear was chasing us! The taxpayers of BC need protection FROM the BC Liberals.
Bennett added, "It's actually irresponsible to not settle this with the opportunity we've got." Opportunity? OMG has he been mesmerized? Hypnotised? Brainwashed? Threatened with water-boarding?

And worse, is that they are trying to deny that as a result of this mismanagement, our BC Hydro rates will be rising. YOUR rates.

Now I know that if I had a small business, and someone stiffed me like this, any future contracts, IF there were any, would have all kinds of caveats built in. Starting with stopping ALL power from British Columbia to California until a deal favorable to BCers was established. Let them get their power elsewhere and see what happens when LA has another brown-out because they couldn't manage it themselves.

Powerex CEO Teresa Conway said that the deal was important to preserve BC Hydro's business relationship with the California market, which has generated $3.5 billion in revenue over the years. How many years? And could it have generated 6 billion if we weren't being screwed? 

And this all has to be approved by FERC, the US Federal Energy Review Board. Stop laughing. Hey fellows, would you like 750 million US dollars? The Canadians will give it to us. Noooo. Yes! Okaaaay then!

It never ends folks, we lost control of BC Ferries and the BC shipbuilding industry. P3 power brokers are stiffing us. Our raw logs go to foreign mills so they get the value added profits instead of BC lumber mills. Our once fabulous wild salmon runs are becoming extinct because of foreign owned fish farms. Even our pure water is siphoned into Nestle bottles for free who then charge us for our own water! 

How many slaps in the face can you take?

Oh, by the way, come up with more cash for your heat this winter, California needs more air conditioners.

Evidently we will stand in an endless line to say we're sorry. 
"Next! Have you been slapped yet?"
SMACK! "There you go."
"Thank you. I'm sorry."


BC Hydro - at the sign of the double-cross

Monday, 15 July 2013

New methods at Tony's old house.

"Christy, we need to talk."
"Right now? I'm having an election celebration with my Kelowna family." 
"Yeah now, them reporters are startin' ta get close to findin' out what we did and ..."
"You came all the way from Vancouver?" 
"Don't worry, I took the long way, through Kamloops." 
"Any natural gas up there?"
"The car don't smell too good. Say, who are those tough lookin' guys, why are they at your dinner table with overcoats on? They look like Mafioso?"
"They're ethnics ... to counter the QuickWins scandal."
"Gangsters are ethnics now?"
"Never mind just follow me downstairs."
"To your basement? But I ..."

They plunge into the darkness.
"Shhh, wait a minute."
"Christy, it's so dark down here, I can't see a thing. I nearly tripped on those old wooden stairs."
"Wait till I find the light switch, we just bought this house from Tony Soprano, not sure where everything is yet."
"That's better. Kinda scary down here. But this is what I needed to tell y... "
"Shh! Wait till I turn the washing machine on."
"Mind if I toss in my jacket with your saris? Had it on since Point Grey."
Kachung. Kachung. Kachung. Kachung.
"I'll turn on the table saw and let it vibrate too, can't be too careful."
"Don't put your fingers near it."
"So Madam Premiere, we gotta ..."
"Hold on, I'll tune in Bill Good on the radio, I told him to be extra loud when I knew you were coming here. And give me a hand starting the lawnmower."
Tug.... tug,     brrrraaaoooooorrrrrrrrrrrr! 
"Sheez, is this overkill?"
"Can't be too careful, they're all after me, you know."
"It's about this email, Mz Premier ..."   
"Sheez, you know we don't use emails anymore, don't you? Only talk in open parks."
"Sure but this is an old one."
"Let me see."

Silence as Christy reads the email in the dim light of the 10 watt oven bulb.
"I can fix this." 
Christy digs through a dusty tool drawer and finds an old Magic Marker.

From the office of the Premier           
Dear           and                     you too                       !!

If you think you can                                                                                    
                           because I have people who can fucking kill  you, or else. And       
 and theretofore you can                                 we                                                                                                                     to meet with                                          him/her and                           threaten                                     furthermore,
                                down, and pay him                          200000 dollars dollars.
Take the money out of           Bollywood                              account.
And give it to                                                                                    .  reach out       
                                                   outreach                                                                                        breach                                                       me retch.        
Sincerly your Premiere Minster,
CC@                         .com
Christy (cleavage)  Clark

"Okay now? I got to go and blow out the candles."
"Sure, I'll stay down here till my jacket is ready."
"Okay but don't call anyone. You turned off your GPS didn't you? You heard about PRISM and the NSA."
"Sure I got the memo."
"And burned it, yes?"
"The NSA is tracking you?"
"No, but the NDP is ..... and I'm never sure about Rich."

"This is our new BC Liberal communication method if you have to write something down. You write the memo with lemon juice on onion skin paper. Just don't burn it when heating it up to read."
"You were a Cub Scout?"
"It came with my Dick Tracy ring."
"Okay Christy. Too bad about Tony Soprano being dead."
"Don't believe everything you see on TMZ."

Friday, 28 June 2013


The NDP made a fatal error in their pursuit of governing the most vibrant province in Canada; They allowed those from across the Rockies to steer their efforts the wrong way. Namely Brian Topp. 
He came from the Jack Layton group and just tried to apply those campaign ideas without the charisma or history of a Jack Layton.
Dix allowed it all to happen too, as did those behind the NDP scenes, like Moe Sahota. 
Most British Columbians know that political people from Ontario and Quebec have no idea where the Prairies are, never mind anything behind that mountain chain. On their maps it only says, 'Here there be demons.'  They should have literally no input into the business of British Columbians.

Another part of the problem is that too many within the NDP are content with the jackal role of yipping and nipping at the heels of the real players. They are bound by ideology and cannot imagine a role other than being victims. A lot of those old hateful union types are still voicing a message of hate against the rich and powerful and management just for the chance to vent. The world has changed but they refuse to acknowledge it. 

There were thousands of British Columbians aligned with Adrian Dix at the beginning of the campaign. Dix had what they needed, which was at least a promise of integrity and honesty in dealing with the future of BC. And momentum. And he had the best roster ever of strong candidates who were moderate, competent and smart.

But as the campaign heated up, those thousands were becoming disenchanted with the message. Yes, they all agreed with skills training and those messages, but what had turned them in the first place to the NDP was the atmosphere of greed, payoffs and corruption in the Liberal party. All those warnings about Run-of-the-River projects destroying once proud BC Hydro were starting to come true. BC Rail continued to linger and many were hopeful of a satisfying resolution. The billion dollar BC Film industry died under the Liberals watch. The constant scandals were tiresome and hurting everyone in BC except the insiders.

Christy's potential fight with the Northern Gateway pipeline through BC was only rhetoric. She knew all along that Harper will eventually push it through despite the wants of BCers, because it is for the benefit of Canada. (read Alberta) 

And Dix couldn't waver from his personal integrity. He needed the mud put right in his hand and told a direction to sling it! Then it was suddenly too late. Miss Cleavage had won and everybody was shocked. No one wanted to get muddy.

And we are left with the prospect of wondering what would have happened if people like John Horgan, Mike Farnworth, Leonard Krog, David Eby and Spencer Chandra-Herbert had been allowed into the fight. These are smart, bright, with-it and politically savvy people with lots of expertise and something to say about it and would not have allowed the Liberals to set the agenda. You cannot muzzle people with that kind of talent. 

So the NDP is again on the familiar road that leads to NextTime. It might be a ghost town by the time they get there. Those thousands of new people who thought about the NDP had good reason to fear for the province, are still frightened.
What ever steering committee the NDP has needs to be 'Made in BC'. They need to regroup, toss out the perpetual victims who are too comfortable in the role, elect a new leader, and go for it. 

Forget the mud though, start collecting sticks and stones, it's not mud wrestling, it's MMA without the fence.

Just sayin'.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Same old same old.

The protege has learned well from the Master. 
Christy Clark follows the Gordon Campbell tradition of the Liberal Party. Take liberties ASAP because they'll all forget it soon. And you can get on with enhancing your personal position.

Raises for all the political staff in the legislature while talking restraint. Well, they proved it works, didn't they? The voting public pays little attention to the workings of their government. Ministerial assistants, (now called Chiefs of Staff) get $10,000 raises! And the premier's CoS gets a $35,000 increase!

So no matter how much the actions seem to betray the faithful, what do they know? Blindness is not just in the eyes, but the mind! The raises are just the start as they all begin drooling at the next four years and imagine the personal gains many will accomplish. BC is open for business.

I like this idea. All those rioters who were promised prosecution to the fullest extent of the law by Christy Clark, have now found out that the 'fullest extent' is just sort of an inconvenience. The police keep telling us about more charges. We've come to know that charges have little to do with sentencing.
A suspended sentence for everyone. Even those with restrictions are ignoring them. Get ready for the next party in Vancouver, it'll be a bash! Our judges have nothing to do with reality or protecting the public.

But thanks to the ICBC corporation and London Drugs who will sue the rioters civilly to recover some of the money they lost from vandals. There need to be more merchants going to the wall about this. ICBC paid out 5 million in claims for damaged or write-off cars, and London Drugs lost hundreds of thousands of dollars from theft after rioters bashed in their doors. And why should we the policy holders have increases in our premiums because of vandalism. 
It was bad enough to have the Liberal government actually steal money from ICBC coffers for their own mismanagement instead of allowing them to give us a break on our insurance. 
And at least Win Powell of London Drugs is going to go after some of the scum who robbed his store and got away with it in our so-called justice system.

This may mark a turning point in justice in Canada. We'll become more like the States where you can sue for anything, and at least get some satisfaction that you caused something to happen against the perps who make all our lives miserable and cause costs to rise. Good for you ICBC and London Drugs. No thanks to Christy Clark and her band of legal thieves full of rhetoric.

So what can we expect in the near future? Start with the film industry basically disappearing. Continue with the oil pipelines all being approved at whatever risk to the environment. Probably the selling off of more BC assets that those before us built so faithfully and proudly. 
And Christy Clark has the gall to place herself beside WAC Bennett? 

One day there will be nothing left to sell and the true cost to the BC taxpayer may be known. 

Maybe not if you keep being afraid and voting the same old criminals back into office.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Safe again

People who may be breathing a sigh of relief after the recent BC Elections - because there now will be no investigations coming over BC Rail. Whew!

  • Gordon Campbell
  • Christy Clark
  • Rich Coleman
  • Dave Basi
  • Gary Farrel-Collins
  • Robert Virk
  • Wally Oppal
  • Patrick Kinsella
  • Aneal Basi
  • Erik Bornmann
  • Brian Kieran
  • Ken Dobell
  • Mark Marissen
  • Mike Morton
  • Etc ad nauseum

If you try to click on CBC links to a lot of the stories about the BC Rail event, you'll only get "Server not found" or "Object not found" messages. The watchers are doing their jobs.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Liberal surprise package. But really?

A couple of things make this election unique.
One, is that we can never again trust any of the pollsters. Either they are totally ineffective, they have no idea how to poll in this society, or some of them were steering people in the direction the originator of the polls wanted by manipulating the result. It isn't at all hard to do.
You start by putting the party you want to lose, way ahead at first, then engineer the successive results to create a virtual image of a groundswell. What happens is the party with a huge lead has much of their vote staying home while the other party gets out to the polling stations. The actual turnout was very low. One girl working a polling station told me that she had 400 on her list of voters, and less than 100 showed up.

Another idea regarding the outcome, is that the percentage of non-born in BC residents is apparently about 26% now, (in the City of Vancouver, more like 49%) and one can't expect these newcomers to embrace the history of what once was here in our province. Whatever is here right now is what they'll care about in future elections.

The idea that attack ads don't work is now proven that they do. Week after week we saw irrelevant information about NDP events of over a decade ago hammered out in the media by the Liberals. With no appreciable fight back from the opposition. Negative messages are useful.

What are the rewards we are giving to the Liberal party for guiding the province in the last 12 years? I can only talk about things I care deeply about, which surprises me that others have so little interest in these same things.

We will continue to ship raw logs to Washington State mills in huge quantities while BC mills rust away. Look at the logs floating in the Fraser River and the endless booms off Point Grey and understand that they are going out of province to support families other than British Columbians.

Hollywood North will continue to be established in Toronto as our own once flourishing BC film industry subsides into occasional Canadian content. With the advantage of Ontario tax credits production will grow there while BC studios close down and we lose more productions and skilled film workers in a billion dollar industry that doesn't pollute or destroy the landscape while it works.

Norwegians will continue to have a free hand with sea-based fish farms growing even more Atlantic salmon, laden with hormones and coloring and diseases negatively affecting our once world's greatest wild pacific sockeye runs.

BC Hydro which has looked after the province's power needs responsibly in the past, will continue to be hand-cuffed by agreements to buy power from foreign owned run-of-the-river projects at high cost while selling at world market prices low.

One expects the Kinder-Morgan double pipeline to proceed, as will as the Enbridge pipeline to Kitimat over whatever objections are raised locally. But these decisions are federal and out of the hands of British Columbia now anyway, the provincial government has already agreed to it, so the environmental interest cannot continue without BC government support. Cross your fingers about oil spills.

We will continue to use overseas shipyards for building BC Ferries and Translink ferries while our own shipyards sit idle. Much easier to disperse and hide money internationally instead of within BC under the scrutiny of taxpayer's sharp eyes.

The suspicions about the sale of BC Rail will probably remain just that. Suspicions. Without a strong effort to reveal what went on during the negotiations, we'll have to accept the loss of a BC proudly owned and operated railroad and the fact that we paid 6 million in hush money so we couldn't be told what actually happened with our money. Sounds ridiculous? Of course it is.

The provincial debt continues to rise to unprecedented levels, yet no one asks about the so called  'contractual obligations' or proper accounting practices or the fact that a balanced budget might be achieved by selling off British Columbia's assets. What happens when the assets run out and the government still cannot control itself? Our government fired the one who was the thorn and will undoubtedly replace him with a less harsh critic. 

These are only a few policies that have been in place, that the current voters in BC seem to have no concern about.
So the new Liberals will settle in to governing our province, again, and some of us are wondering if they'll take their cue from previous MLAs on their way through, making sure they are personally okay with their deals for retirement. So the idea that we are like some African third world country available for exploitation remains. And to many, the future looks bleak for a healthy growth that would benefit all British Columbians instead of friends of Liberals. And for some new MLAs, the chance to sidle up to the feeding trough with hungry pockets looms ahead. Who knows what scraps will drop into them when you have power?

There aren't any surprises out there now, just what we expect. I have to face it, the days of WAC Bennett building a thriving province is past. And feeling part of something great is long gone. Governments will never be the same again. The universe is unfolding but this isn't how it should.

For me it is not about Liberals or NDP or Greens or Conservatives, it's about being proud of your part of the world and expecting everyone else to have the same direction; to make everything better for all of us, not just some. Of the people for the people.

That's my disappointment.

And there is that niggling feeling that they got away with it.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

The all NEW BC Christy Liberals for 2013!

The BC Provincial election is in May 14, 2013. Christy Clark has chosen her big guns for the epic battle. She found some under the back benches. Not ALL the BC Liberals deserted her, there were still some to pick from. (she was seen at KFC buying the Slim Pickens bucket.) So now all new for 2013, Christy presents the election ticket for prosperity in British Columbia!   Trust us.  We`re the BC Liberals!

BC Premiere, Christy Clark

Sure she looks dazed, but .. but a premier`s job is hard. (is that Basil Rathbone behind her) Look to the future, where you won't have to do anything but listen to what we tell you. We're for families and blueberries and PPPs and surrrprissses.

                             Ministry of Labor and                           Ministry of Wildlife                          Ministry of Welfare
                                 Beer Distribution                                  and Whining                                   and Inertia
                                     Fred Waddle                                  Eunice Shivver                             Harvey Closetted

                            Ministry of Finance                       Ministry of Holograms                       Ministry of Intimidation
                                and Finagling                                and Mysteriums                              and Tax Collection
                                    Al Kida                                    Havanna Marks                               Dawg Bailiff    

                       Ministry of Health                                   Ministry of Ethics                             Ministry of Forestry     
                          and Hospitals                                    and Crime Presention                           and Agonyculture
                     Dr. I.O. Stranglelust                                Kahuna Wakalulu                              Olaf Bigwoody 

So there you have it, our pride and ploy ... er joy. We defy the NDP or the BC Conservatives to come up with a line-up of talent like this. (No that's not him, just looks similar) Elect us again and we`ll get right back to doing the same things to you all over again. 

Our new platform includes; 
- selling Vancouver Island to the Chinese so they won`t have so far to ship their toxic plastics and contaminated foods; also to balance our budjet that we told you about.
- selling the water in our rivers in Public Private Partnerships to collect taxes on toilet flushes; 
- selling Rich Coleman to the Alberta Meat Packers Assoc. (testing for mad-cow first, of course); 
- tolling all the bridges everywhere including that lil wooden one by Second Beach in Stanley Park; (don`t laugh, they`ll pay when we let developers build condos on the west side of the park); 
- cutting taxes on the rich and making workers pay their fair share; 
- setting up a Defend ex Liberals fund for those who got caught and were persecuted unfairly; (or might get caught in the future); 
- fixing the PST & the GST before 2035;
- forgetting BC Rail once and for all; 
- making BC a have-not province for a sixth time, (the NDP only managed it once, we've done it five times!); 
- setting up a Junior Ministry advisory on Atlantic fish farm salmon and why growth hormones and coloring are good for you; and a 'Who needs sockeye salmon?' campaign.
- writing a new melody to the Fast Ferries chant; 
- yes, we`ll even adjust the minimum wage to $9.25 per hour! 

And remember, we don't do French here so Dix is NOT a ten!

All great reasons to return the BC Christy Party to POWER!

There`s lots more where these, er ...  this came from!

I'm Mortimer Snerd, and  I approved this message.
[Paid for by the Desperation Committee to re-elect any Liberal anywhere somehow]

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Election fun in BC

It's not my fault they get their pictures taken ....

Elect Christy Clark

That's just peanut butter from somebody else's lunch.

Elect Adrian Dix

I am NOT a space alien, really ...... really.

Elect Christy Clark

Brave smile while credibility goes up in flames.

Elect Adrian Dix

Magician? Toss up an orange, comes down an apple?

Elect Christy Clark

 I am so freakin' hot I cause sparks!

 Elect Adrian Dix

 I suspect a Gordon Campbell set-up here?

Elect Jane Sterk

Does a Premier get free hairstyling?

Elect John Cummins 

As the boss I'll get pictures in my office though, right?

and if you're all not careful ....

Elect Bill Vander Zalm 

I'll come after you, I'm still Fa-antastic you know!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Should ALL BC Christy Liberals be turfed out?

A  FEW of the things the BC Liberal party has done that forces one to believe they should ALL be tossed out in favor of some honest newcomers. in no particular order -
  1. Gordon Campbell's BC Liberals tried to shut down the Georgia Straight newspaper. (while totally controlling political output of the Vancouver Sun and Province dailies)
  2. BC Liberals tried to cancel our Knowledge Network.
  3. Gordon Campbell gets drunk and drives in Hawaii, is arrested and tries to cover it up by using a sleazy lawyer in Maui.
  4. Campbell promised a deficit of $495 million that became 1.8 BILLION! 
  5. Liberals allow split up of elderly couple married for 60 years to separate care homes over costs and one dies lonely and afraid without her lifelong partner.
  6. Gordon Campbell sold OUR railroad, BC Rail, under suspicious circumstances. (still ongoing investigations, while the Christy Liberals obfuscate)
  7. Gordon Campbell keeps old fast ferries for political show when he could have sold them.
  8. Campbell vindictively tried to stop NDP leader Joy MacPhail from an office in Legislature.
  9. BC Liberals send 430 million to Germany to build 3 ferries instead of using competent BC shipyards. ALL of that money supported German families, NONE for BC workers.
  10. Persistent whispers that the propellers' design causes bad cavitation resulting in unexpectedly high fuel costs. BC Ferries raises prices.
  11. They allowed private Run-of-the-River projects on publicly owned rivers that are now costing us a fortune for Hydro, paying a much higher cost and only benefiting privately owned power projects.
  12. BC Liberals hire out of province people to run BC Corporations - BC Ferries. BC Hydro and pay them ridiculous salaries, while ignoring homegrown BC talent.
  13. BC Ferry sunk while American CEO runs corporation for 1 million a year salary.
  14. BC Liberals steal surplus money from ICBC for general use so BC safe drivers get no lower insurance break.
  15. Gordon Campbell sells BC Gas to private corporations for what considerations? Another BC asset sold off to private corporations for no apparent reason.
  16. Campbell stopped a legitimate criminal trial on BC Rail and paid guilty pleading Virk and Basi to be quiet! The DAY before Gary Ferrel-Collins was to testify. Suspicious?
  17. BC Liberals allowed foreign owned fish farms and diseased Atlantic salmon to devastate our once greatest wild Pacific salmon fishery.
  18. Campbell illegally terminates legitimate union contract of the Hospital Employees Union.
  19. Bowed to the 'creme-de-la-creme' on the natural/cheapest Skytrain route to the airport.
  20. Huge cost over-run of 388 million on the Vancouver Convention Center.
  21. Gordon Campbell gives himself a 53% pay raise!
  22. Christy Clark spends 12 million hosting Bollywood but nothing for dying BC Film industry.  Bollywood to bring 500 employees to work the event. No one from BC.
  23. Gordon Campbell steps away in shame from BC Premier job and gets an estimated 1.5 million pension plan and a plum job in England. 
  24. BC Liberals purposely make no input into Enbridge pipeline hearings until too late. Tacitly being quiet while pretending to put conditions out.
  25. Basi and Verk get 6 million legal fees paid by taxpayers after pleading GUILTY! How can anyone construe this as anything but a keep quiet payment?
  26. Lying to merchants on Cambie Street about Skytrain 'tunnel' when it was cut and cover.
  27. Port Mann bridge becomes dangerous in icy winter for design flaw.
  28. BC allows private liquor stores to replace taxpayer profit with private profits. Money taken right out of BC coffers with every bottle of liquor sold!
  29. Liberals try to sell off distribution branch of BC liquor control division.
  30. BC Place stadium cost over-runs higher than fast ferries for restricted new roof.
  31. Liberals fire Auditor General Doyle for investigating their own BC Rail scandal.
  32. BC Christy Liberals control media through Vancouver Sun and Province, Bill Good, Sean Leslie, Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer.
  33. Rich Coleman.    Nuff said.
  34. Kim Haakstad, Christy Clark's aide resigns over ethnic vote scandal. Liberals try to minimize attention to the personal emails shared by Pamela Martin and others. Information about people's private issues!
  35. Translink builds a Seabus ferry in Holland for 25 million instead of a BC shipyard for 27 million, saying they have no interest in employing British Columbians for the job Again sending 25 million OUT of BC with no benefit for BC shipbuilders!
  36. Christy Clark continues to surround herself with people with questionable motives. More aides under suspicion.
  37. Minister John Yap admits that PERSONAL emails were used to avoid Freedom Of Information requests and revelations from media. Then cites privacy issues for not telling.
  38. Provincial debt rises every year Liberals in office in spite their own law of balanced budgets. 50% higher!
  39. Liberals hide true debt by grouping huge debts as 'Contractual Obligations' and not figuring them into what we owe.
  40. Continual increase in raw logs shipped to out of province mills instead of value added for BC's benefit.
  41. Pat Bell involved in 3 different scandals up north! 
  42. Tolls on new bridges and more to come.
  43. Christy Clark openly neglects the once billion dollar BC Film industry causing 15 thousand employees to struggle
  44. Christy Clark spends 11 million BC taxpayers` dollars on Bollywood film-maker awards. Which turn out to be only a private TV promotion of Bollywood and Christy changed the date to precede her election image!
  45. Shadow tolls on the Sea-to-Sky Highway.
  46. Scam Liberal political ads all over TV pretending to be info ads at cost of taxpayers.
  47. Liberals allowing Enbridge corporation to purposely distort the Douglas Channel by photo-shopping distances and islands to minimize the impact of their bitumen tankers.  
  48. Liberals disbanded Tourism BC after years of successfully promoting our province.
  49. Liberals introduced the HST after promising before the election NOT to have it. And it shifts up to 2 BILLION dollars from big business onto the back of BC taxpayers! The so called 'revenue neutral' tax brings in another 800 million from consumers!
  50. BC Liberals fought every way at huge cost of $8 million to prevent a recall of the HST.
  51. Christy Clark Liberals dragged their feet about when to stop the HST, instigated it within 30 days, took 5 years to end it. And after five years, we owe the federal government nothing because we have fulfilled our obligation!
  52. Allowed Smart Meters over the protests by the homeowners of BC.
  53. Questionable carbon tax adds 10 cents per liter to our gasoline price at the pump.
  54. No protests from BC Liberals about 300 imported Chinese workers taking BC mining jobs while not allowing Canadians to gain employment! Fighting all queries about it.
  55. BC Liberals fund raising in Alberta but not telling us what they are promising Albertans.
  56. Wimpy BC Liberal MLAs unwilling to speak up for their own constituents.
  57. Clark's legal bills for BC Rail paid by taxpayer AFTER she left the party for CKNW? 
  58. Lara Dauphinee paid almost 300 hundred thou for being Campbell's aide?
  59. Liberal candidates can't promise anything for voters - Premier's office controls it all.
  60. Lost millions on the Telus renaming of BC Place. 
  61. Rich Coleman tries to get Casino for Surrey, no, then tries for Langley. SUSPICIOUS!
  62. Clarks close aides have to resign for trying a sneaky ethnic vote scandal. Sending private information about BC residents to personal emails of Pamela Martin, Brian Bonney etc. Admittedly to stop Freedom of Information Requests from media! More sneakiness. 
  63. BC Liberals totally quiet while the federal government closed our Coast Guard station! 
  64. As rats leave the sinking ship, Liberals still billing themselves as new faces while Rich Colman, Bill Bennett, Michael de Jong, Terry Lake, Mary Polak, Ida Chong, Shirley Bond, Margaret MacDairmid and Christy Clark pretend they are fresh and untainted. Sure.  
  65. Moodys lowers the Province's credit rating to Negative.
  66. The BC Liberals, under Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark, have raised the provincial debt and taxpayer obligations five fold and every Liberal has sat there without a squeak to protect his or her constituents or the valued assets of British Columbia. Doesn't that tell you something?
  67. Twice as many people left BC under the Liberals than the NDP! The NDP had a net gain of 126,000 people.
  68. The money from BC Natural gas will not begin flowing into BC until 2017, well after the NEXT election! 
    Sorry, I have to stop! If I wait another day before posting this there will probably be a whole list of new scandals! How many more do you want?
    I've had enough already. Time for a major sweeping of the BC Christy Liberal Party scandal littered floor! 
    Wow, just like I said, one day later and what should appear? Yet another scathing report from BC Auditor General slamming the Liberal government for carbon offsets cheating! And using tens of millions of dollars (from hospitals and schools) that are not being credibly spent! 
Had to add this in 2017 #69 scandal Christy fires employee of the Health DEPT. AND ONE COMMITS SUICIDE OVER PHONY ALLEGATIONS!   FORCED TO RESCIND. NO ONE SAYING WHO DID WHAT TO WHOM IN LATEST SCANDAL!  Could I add more? YES!!!!