Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Presenting your all new Liberals for 2013

Now all with the proper student looks, full of smarts and intelligence and careful thought and cleverness. Exactly what you want in your government. Christy started it with her faux studious look (hoping to preempt Carole Taylor) and now they're all doing the dark rimmed glasses thing. All designed to fool you yet once again.

 The all NEW, 2013 lineup for BC Liberals!

NOT those old ones but the NEW studious, stupendous, serious, sexy, sensitive, somnambulent, sensational, stringent, sinless Liberals!




Vote for the all-NEW smart
BC Liberals!
Trust us, we're the BC Christy Party.

The 'Look' from the Looker

 But ... oops ...

Even she has old ugly baggage.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Not the old Christy ... but the ....

... new studious Christy Ckark, serious glasses and all.
The Lieberals are going to change their name, we're wondering if they're starting with the looks of their MLAs? Christy donned these 'smart' glasses to complain about what the RCMP thinks of us BCers. Not much, evidently.

Premier Clark recently commented on the RCMP moving a sexual predator Staff Sergeant from Alberta to BC. She's not happy with an RCMP decision to transfer a disgraced Alberta Mountie to a British Columbia detachment. Clark said Friday she thinks RCMP Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens made a wrong decision in accepting the transfer of Sgt. Don Ray, who was reprimanded for having sex with subordinates, exposing himself to a co-worker and drinking on the job.
Sheeez, don't people usually get fired for that? Especially in this day of sexual harrassment on the job. So far Callens' promise at his takeover of BC to change everything rings hollow.

Aside from the NON leadership of Callens, Christy seems to be doing her usual non leadership grandstanding photo-op where she laments the iniquity of a decision or action, but does little about it and says there is nothing that CAN be done about it. Donning black framed glasses won't change anything, maybe she should go to very dark glasses, those incognito kind.
And maybe you too, are like me in wondering what the Deputy Commissioner's idea of leadership actually is? This is what Callens said Thursday -  "The decision to accept the transfer wasn't an easy one, but somebody had to show some leadership on the issue."
Yes, he actually said that? What planet is this guy from? Does he actually have any idea what leadership is? Did he have the authority to reject the head office direction? If he did he didn't have the guts to fight it.

In a time where the RCMP is being sued by their own RCMP officers FOR sexual harassment on the job, leadership would be to ARREST this Officer upon his entry into BC, and charge him with these crimes, THEN let the Feds sort it out.  Force Ottawa into a public confrontation.  Leadership is going out on a limb when you are right rather than accepting the old boy's winks and nudges. It makes me wonder what the Federal RCMP hierarchy actually thinks of British Columbians?

And don't forget that Liberal Attorney General Shirley Bond just signed the new 20 year RCMP contract without reading it or understanding a sentence of it, because they duped her into a monetary deal in their favor, and supposedly the RCMP Act allows for sexual predators to stay on the job! Do you believe this?

And if you are the Premier of our province, knowing this situation, and desperately trying to win over lost voters, blinkers are not the answer, even if they are disguised as studious glasses for image. You'd better study the mood of the people first, you're not fooling anyone into thinking you are smart, intelligent or anything but clever in the worst sense of the word. She might as well be wearing Dame Edna glasses.

Indeed, Bond and Clark both had a great banner regarding police in BC that read, 'Increasing accountability'.  They both need reading glasses.

This is all disgusting!