Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Kiss

Kissing has been, for generations, a way to seal the deal. Depending on what the deal is. Sometimes the deal is sneaky. The kissing goes on, from man to woman, (The wedding Kiss - with this ring I thee wed) which can be a sneaky deal; man to man (the Judas Kiss - the betrayal of Jesus) which was definitely a sneaky deal; and woman to woman, (the lesbian Kiss - a stolen moment) very often titillating and sneaky too but harmless.
Then there is another kiss, the secret deal kiss - the ultimate sneakiness which holds way more danger for way more people.

We`ll leave it to you to decide which one has the most potential of sneakiness ......

Britney and Madonna
Performance MTV Video Awards

Meryl and Sandra
Critics Choice Awards

Two US sailors
Joyful reunion

Christy Clark and Alison Redford
 Sneaky Dealings?

Alison Redford, the Premier of Alberta, has announced that she will, 'clear a path through BC for the Enbridge Pipeline from the Alberta Tar Sands to the BC coast.'  Some are wondering at what cost and what secret deals may be made behind the backs of British Columbians who clearly do not want a pipeline through their pristine wilderness? We don't know if Christy and Alison are an item or not, but the ominous significance of that hug is enough to scare the hell out of us and explode our sneaky meter.

Only one of these woman to woman endearments would be really bad for you.

But you already know which one, don`t you?