Monday, 19 September 2011

Attack of the Scoundrels

This might be as silly as the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
The Liberals recently put out an attack advertisement directed at John Cummins, leader of the BC Conservatives. Someone must have said to Christy Clark,  'be afraid be very afraid.'
The advertisement is played mostly on CKNW, the Liberal mouthpiece station. The next provincial election is in 2013, seemingly eons away when you have a present government who seems to be against British Columbians instead of working for them.

The Liberals say Cummins voted NDP in the last election, when he should have voted Liberal. They never considered the fact that he looked at the worst case scenario and voted accordingly. All things, including integrity on the line.  Faced with a Conservative candidate in every riding, many British Columbians, even Liberals, might feel the same way.

Isn't Canada doing the best of all democratic nations right now? Doesn't Canada have a Conservative government? Duh.
The Liberals are saying we would be going backwards by choosing anyone but Liberals to run BC. Ahem, but me thinks the federal Liberals just lost official opposition status and look destined for that office beside the broom closet in parliament.

Perhaps what the Liberals are really afraid of in BC, based on their dismal record, is that the NDP will win the election, become government, and the Conservatives will become the official opposition in BC. Leaving Chief Tomato Christy Clark and her same-old Liberals with that little office in the janitorial building.

We'll look at integrity and spaghetti sauce then.