Saturday, 8 September 2012

Enbridge - again - sigh

The NDP criticized Christy Clark and her focus on Enbridge as being less than attentive, to be mild. And the BC Liberals argued the NDP voices were yelling for political gain and everything was taken care of.

The main criticism of the Liberal's plan was that they would be allowed to present themselves at the hearings in Edmonton, but had to state a case before the hearing deadline. The Liberal government expected to cross examine Enbridge at the hearings. They had appointed a so called 'A-Team' led by former Liberal MLA Geoff Plant to represent BC voters and that all would be okay.
 "He's going to be making sure that we get the answers to the questions that we need," said Clark. "He is one of the finest legal minds in our country. He understands the environment, he understands the government, he understands politics, and our coastline. And the protection of our land base here in British Columbia is deeply important to Geoff."  He doesn't seem to understand work ethic.

And Environment Minister Terry Lake said, "Our questions will focus around liability insurance coverage, corporate structure and ensuring British Columbians wouldn't be left holding any kind of bill if in fact there was an adverse event." But he didn't bother to hang out long enough to ask any questions.

They lasted almost twelve minutes before they were declared out of order, and were told to come back when they were prepared! The Liberal government had over two YEARS to establish themselves but did not do it. All the time, Christy Clark reassuring the BC people in photo-op after photo-op that they were on it.

But that's not the point! The point is that Geoff Plant is the appointed lawyer to present on behalf of the BC Liberals! He gets $325.00 per HOUR for this. By the time government lawyer Elisabeth Graff was shut down in Edmonton, Environment Minister Terry Lake and Geoff Plant were already gone! On a plane back to BC. Evidently nothing was deeply important enough for Plant to stay around.

How is that for representing the people of BC and their environmental concerns?

One would almost conclude that the appointment of Mr Plant was nothing other than what BC Liberals always do; pass out taxpayer dollars to their friends at every and all opportunities.

And the BC Liberals were furious about NDP leader Adrian Dix criticizing them for this feeble effort?

But is it just political? Grand Chief Phillip, president of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs warned, “There is absolutely no way we will tolerate a project that would violate the environmental integrity of our traditional territories along the pipeline route and along the B.C. coast. Our people are prepared to go to the wall against this. There is no doubt about that.”  Phillip vowed a long, protracted fight, including blockades and mass protests, against the project, if it is allowed to proceed.

One could also conclude that the whole process by Christy Clark and her Liberals, is a preconceived plan to appear to be fighting for British Columbians, while tacitly allowing Stephan Harper and the Alberta oil cartel to bulldoze their pipeline through BC whether we like it or not.

Any deal the Christy Clark government makes from here on in, should have a caveat attached.

The pipeline is projected to earn 81 billion over 30 years. But only 6 billion of that goes to BC. That's likely the cost of the first oil spill cleanup. What do we do for the next 29 years?

BC is your traditional territory too. Pay attention.
Can we vote now please?

Addenda: - - - Interesting points coming out at the Enbridge tar sands Pipeline hearings: did you know that Enbridge is planning to set up a totally DIFFERENT company for their pipeline? And that the insurance coverage of this company may only be 2 Billion? They have already spent 8 Billion on the cleanup of the Kalamazoo River which you can simply drive a truck up to the spill point! Obviously they are trying to sleaze out of their responsibilities!