Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Transit figures - basic UNmath?

So something doesn't quite add up here. 
The Translink Mayor's Proposal trying to get you to vote YES to spend 7.7 BILLION dollars for transit in the Vancouver Metro area, implies that the Federal government will kick in about one third of the costs for our transit system. (BC Provincial government to also do a third?) My basic math says that's about 2.3 BILLION dollars from the Feds. And that is not just for BC, it is for the Vancouver Metro area. Meaning TransLink, even if they are trying to avoid that thought connection.

try to find the mistake
But wait! The Federal government just announced their future spending budget for public transit. (after selling off shares of GM to get a balance) For the transit portion of the Canada budget, this is what they say: Their spending for Canada, (every province and three territories) starting in 2017 they will designate 750 MILLION dollars over two years and then 1 (one) billion.
This spending on public transit is for ALL OF CANADA!

If the federal Conservatives are re-elected this fall, the funding would be split amongst big cities and start to flow in 2017, at $250 million, rise to $500 million in 2018 and double again to $1 billion a year in 2019. (did you know that the cost of just tearing down the old Port Mann bridge is $250 million?)

So where does that leave BC? Vancouver Metro, expecting 2.3 billion from the Federal Government? Apparently Toronto which also has a major public transit proposal in the works, is ecstatic about the budget. Ottawa is also expecting lots of the dole too. And we haven't even heard the usual whining from Quebec yet.

So you KNOW that means they will get the lion's share of it. Keep in mind too that the Feds, even though they are suffering loss of public support over the Conservative government's indifference to the oil spill in BC, also just closed down another Coast Guard Station! And you are expecting them to give us 2.3 billion of a 1.750 billion budget? The Conservative's map west of the Rockies only says, 'There be demons here.'

Does anyone in BC except Jim Pattison, the BC Liberals and the so called Mayor's Council believe WE will get ALL the money the Federals have earmarked for transit?  Right through to 2019? UNmath if you do.
If the money were allocated on a per capita basis, B.C.’s share would be $32.5 million in the first year, $65 million in the second, and $130 million once the fund reaches the $1 billion mark. That's 227.5 Million. No, I'm not confusing Ms with Bs. But the TransLink people might be. Perhaps they are riding their own Skytrain up in the clouds if they think the Feds are going to give them 2.3 Billion with a B.
Expect them to toss us $500.00 for more bike lanes in Kerrisdale. Wide enough to accommodate those people's trikes.

This is basic UNmath folks, you NEED to vote NO to TRansLink in spite of their spending 5 million on spin and send them all back to the drawing boards, and ask them not to eat their crayons this time!


TransLink - One third?