Sunday, 9 October 2011

Will we have RCMP or BCPP?

Why don't the BC Liberals want a BCPP? Forget the rhetoric and threats they are using to counter the bullying by the Federal government. Believe that they do NOT want a BC Provincial Police Force in spite of what they say, they are only trying their own intimidation of the RCMP. It is negotiation.

The BC Liberals will probably sign a new deal with the RCMP BEFORE all this talk takes hold of starting (REstarting) a BC provincial Police force.
Ask yourself if something is up, when Rich Colemen, Shirley Bond and all those other same old scandal plagued BC Liberals WANT the RCMP, and oddly enough, the LEAD investigator on the BC Rail scandal was an RCMP officer who had close connections with Christy Clark and her family.

Yes, the same Christy Clark who said she only knows some of these BC Rail scandal people from passing them at airports when it is proven that they had dinner at her home with her family!
The BC Liberals are deathly afraid that if they betray the RCMP by going to a BC Provincial Police Force, the RCMP will squeal on them under oath if the NDP ever get their inquiry going into the sale of BC Rail and reveal under a REAL investigation and trial that there was collusion between the RCMP and the BC Liberals to hide the facts of the BC Rail sale! 

But perhaps it is too late? The talk is taking hold, the trending going to a BC Provincial Police Force.
Something of our own, with BC native born police members as part of the communities they serve. BC boys and girls who grew up right here keeping the peace for us. And BCPP members who actually CARE about the land they were born in. Not imported from a distant land. Yes, Quebec IS a distant land and totally alien to British Columbians. As is Ontario for that matter.
Everyone seems interested in a do it ourselves police force! They want input and accountability.

Right now we have a Federal police force that brings us policemen and women from elsewhere across Canada, a lot from Quebec. They are poorly trained and involved in scandal after scandal everywhere they work. We have unexplained shootings and assaults on BC citizens; the fatal and mysterious in-custody shooting of Ian Bush in 2005. It seems they are unequipped to deal with simple drunken citizens! These imported constables are ill equipped to deal with hardened criminals and imported drug dealers. Indeed, serious criminals have many charges mysteriously dropped. The Picton trial seemed content to get Willie and leave the out sensitive evidence that may have implicated others in high places. Yet they spent millions. The deadly tazering of Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver's airport in 2007  is still unresolved in the minds of many.  And one of those RCMP officers was already waiting trial on charges of drunken driving causing death!
The total deficiencies in the investigation of serial killer of Clifford Olson who killed while under surveillance!
The Mountie in Kelowna who kicked a man in the face as he was surrendering on his hands and knees. That indicates a serious fault in training. And the costs skyrocket each week!

BC and Ottawa used to share 50/50 the costs of operating the RCMP, and we had control too. Today we pay 90% of the cost and it is totally controlled from Ottawa. These are the same people who are not sure what happens after you cross the Rockies!

In 1950 the BC Provincial Police was disbanded and many of those officers suspected dirty tricks then which smelled of political interference! We suspect the same today!
The former BCPP was a highly respected and progressive organization. It had a coastal patrol fleet, its own forensic unit, employed the best pistol shots in the Pacific Northwest, established a highway patrol unit and connected the office in Williams Lake with Victoria through short-wave radio! All this before 1950. Even had its own magazine, the Shoulder Strap, which was sold on newsstands and kept the public informed about policing issues around the province. They were first to use an aircraft in patrol! They were working for the people of BC and proud of it!
IF the BC Government did REstart a Provincial Police Force a prerequisite should be that the new members are BORN in BC! Then we get rid of these poorly trained Quebecker RCMP who are so used to growing up with corruption they have no idea how to deal with criminals! We could establish a police force of British Columbians second to none in the world. We have the brains and people and technology right here in BC. The public is motivated.
Nothing to do but tell the RCMP to ride off musically into the sunrise. And we go it alone.

But don't count on that from the secretive BC Liberals. They have things to hide.

Monday, 3 October 2011

While you were sleeping ...

The BC Liberals stealthily changed their name from the BC Liberal Party, to the BC Christy Party.  Trying very hard to launch themselves as something new and escape the gravity of Gordon Campbell and his henchmen and head for the moon.

Christy is using phrases like 'new beginning', 'turn the page', we even expect 'New World Order' soon!
We think Christy might be moonstruck, in both definitions of the word -
Moon·struck - 1 - Dazed or distracted with romantic sentiment.
                       2 - Affected by insanity; crazed.

Trouble is, all the henchmen are still the same and there's nothing romantic or sentimental about them. And that moon still shines down on the BC Liberals with Gordon Campbell's guilty face.

Hmm, and Christy is going after John Cummins because of HIS ego?
don't go to sleep again.