Monday, 3 October 2011

While you were sleeping ...

The BC Liberals stealthily changed their name from the BC Liberal Party, to the BC Christy Party.  Trying very hard to launch themselves as something new and escape the gravity of Gordon Campbell and his henchmen and head for the moon.

Christy is using phrases like 'new beginning', 'turn the page', we even expect 'New World Order' soon!
We think Christy might be moonstruck, in both definitions of the word -
Moon·struck - 1 - Dazed or distracted with romantic sentiment.
                       2 - Affected by insanity; crazed.

Trouble is, all the henchmen are still the same and there's nothing romantic or sentimental about them. And that moon still shines down on the BC Liberals with Gordon Campbell's guilty face.

Hmm, and Christy is going after John Cummins because of HIS ego?
don't go to sleep again.

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  1. I noticed how faded the new design is, just like the BC Liberals!


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