Saturday, 24 August 2013

Here we go again all over again.

Is this deja vu vu vu? 

It's your money folks, you've given Christy the ability to continue spending it on her friends. 

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Same old same old.
Would we know without the Freedom of Information Act?

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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Power for free?

You see what happened, was that the BC Liberal government, under Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark, decided that British Columbia people were not good enough any longer to run BC Hydro. So they farmed out deals to their friends and 'partners' to let foreigners come into BC and run things. Just like they did with BC Ferries. The P3 power projects are now acknowledged to be costing the people of BC billions in cozy contracts that Campbell put into effect for whoever those guys were.

So it happened in BC Hydro. Powerex became a subsidiary corporation to sell our power to other places, California being one of them. So they had a power problem in California. And they owed us like 270 million for power. And the California power utilities who mismanaged their own power set-up didn't want to pay. So they said we were charging too much for our power and sued us for 3.2 BILLION! So we fought it a bit, but everyone in other countries knows Canadians are wimps. And will capitulate to whomever is frowning at us. They know we'll say we're sorry.

Now along comes Bill Bennett, the BC Liberal who was once kicked out of cabinet, (he behaves now, cabinet is lucrative) to tell us how good this payout to the California power corporations is for us. (actually their attorney general has his pocket open down there too) 
straight faced too

And with a totally straight face, Bennett said, "This was an extremely difficult decision to come to but a very necessary decision to protect British Columbia taxpayers ... "
Sheez, you'd hate to see what he'd do if a bear was chasing us! The taxpayers of BC need protection FROM the BC Liberals.
Bennett added, "It's actually irresponsible to not settle this with the opportunity we've got." Opportunity? OMG has he been mesmerized? Hypnotised? Brainwashed? Threatened with water-boarding?

And worse, is that they are trying to deny that as a result of this mismanagement, our BC Hydro rates will be rising. YOUR rates.

Now I know that if I had a small business, and someone stiffed me like this, any future contracts, IF there were any, would have all kinds of caveats built in. Starting with stopping ALL power from British Columbia to California until a deal favorable to BCers was established. Let them get their power elsewhere and see what happens when LA has another brown-out because they couldn't manage it themselves.

Powerex CEO Teresa Conway said that the deal was important to preserve BC Hydro's business relationship with the California market, which has generated $3.5 billion in revenue over the years. How many years? And could it have generated 6 billion if we weren't being screwed? 

And this all has to be approved by FERC, the US Federal Energy Review Board. Stop laughing. Hey fellows, would you like 750 million US dollars? The Canadians will give it to us. Noooo. Yes! Okaaaay then!

It never ends folks, we lost control of BC Ferries and the BC shipbuilding industry. P3 power brokers are stiffing us. Our raw logs go to foreign mills so they get the value added profits instead of BC lumber mills. Our once fabulous wild salmon runs are becoming extinct because of foreign owned fish farms. Even our pure water is siphoned into Nestle bottles for free who then charge us for our own water! 

How many slaps in the face can you take?

Oh, by the way, come up with more cash for your heat this winter, California needs more air conditioners.

Evidently we will stand in an endless line to say we're sorry. 
"Next! Have you been slapped yet?"
SMACK! "There you go."
"Thank you. I'm sorry."


BC Hydro - at the sign of the double-cross