Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Last chance at HST vote

So what should you ask yourself as you make a decision about the HST?

Should you hold the Liberal government responsible because you believe they cheated you?
Did Gordon Campbell really cheat you when he said no HST and then implemented it?
Did the Liberal MLAs cheat you by endorsing Gordon Campbell's actions by 84%?
Should you give up the right of future British Columbia governments to tax you themselves?
Should you cede that right to levy taxes at whatever rate BCers want?
Should you hold premier Christy Clark responsible for this?
Will Christy Clark actually put the tax free PST back or will she cheat you again?
Do you trust Chisty Clark about ANYTHING after her refusal to even TALK about BC Rail?
Is Christy Clark following the Campbell policy of cheat the people and then be silent?
Will the HST federal government tax be better for Britsh Columbians or someone else?
Will you mind paying higher tax on HST when hundreds of items had NO tax on PST?
Is a three year wait enough for a 2 point reduction in HST taxes?
Should you move on, accept the tax and just let it pass that they got one over on you?
Are you masochistic to the point that you LIKE and expect to be cheated?
Are you just struggling to make ends meet for your family and don't care?
Do you actually believe Christy Clark's family first rhetoric when the HST will actually be 140% increase in some prices?
Will you be paying more in the future for all Liberal government decisions?
Will the Federal government treat you fairly when you give them your HST windfall?
Will big companies actually lower their prices because they save on accounting?
Are these corporations telling you the truth that BC will be better off or just them?

Will YOU as a British Columbian actually fare better with the HST?

Wow. Lots to think about. But why it is that it is always the Liberals AGAINST the people of BC? Why is it they are ALWAYS defending their actions? Why is it that they always say they can do nothing about it?

Think carefully, giving up your right forever to use the PST tax however you like is important.
The Liberals told us that we still own BC Rail. The contract is for 990 YEARS. Sure we do.

Why is it the Liberals do so many things against British Columbians?

Vote however you like.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Governments of BC

In August 1952, WAC Bennett was elected the premier of the province. He began a process of instilling pride into our people through his actions on our behalf. We were naive but emerging into a new world. Among the things he did was to take over the Pacific Great Eastern Railroad and change it into BC Rail. It was now to be used for opening up of our vast interior and to provide service to the small communities full of vibrant and hard working people. Bennett took over the BC Electric Company and formed BC Hydro. They built dams for power and controlled the expansion of our great land for the potential of British Columbians! We had BC built ferries and once had more ships than the Canadian Navy! We were moving ahead into a brave new world run by competent industrious BC born and raised people.

Then came Dave Barrett in 1972. They said he was a strident voice, too much union, but on the eve of his election, he gave a totally controlled and rational speech to the electorate.  No shouting, just a soft dialogue in his dark blue suit while calming the fears of business. He started ICBC and brought in agricultural land control. 

William Bennett took over. Engineering the province to more prosperity. He brought Expo 86, the party of a lifetime and the spotlight on the people, resources and grandeur of BC. Tourism flourished. The Coquihalla highway further opened up a fast track to the interior.

Then Bill Vander Zalm, the Dutchman was all smiles and fun. But earlier had stopped the bickering over rapid transit and said, 'Enough talk, we're going with Skytrain', our present system. 

Rita Johnson was next, who was honest but the people were ready again for change.

The dynamic Mike Harcourt stepped into the breech. Ran a logical and prosperous government and showed that he could deal with anyone. He contributed again to the continuing prosperity of British Columbia. The title of his book, City Making in Paradise, tells something of his respect for our province.

Followed by Glen Clark, the bright new star. Remember he tried to stop the Americans from testing their torpedoes in OUR waters? And the feds told him to go to hell! He also brought lawsuits against cigarette companies who were partly responsible for the huge costs against our health care plan. And Clark at least attempted to build his ferries here in BC shipyards.

Then Dan Miller, the hard working guy who talked common language and made good sense in BC. Miller's short term became much like the Rita Johnson's short term.

Ujjal Dosanje, our premier of East Indian heritage who proved you could come to BC and contribute no matter where you came from. Dosanje brought in balanced budget legislation.

Every single one of these former premiers of BC, in spite of their vastly diverse philosophies, and yes, in spite of their problems, and in spite of not being perfect, had one glorious thing in common: They all worked for the benefit of British Columbians! They were trusted with the caretaking of our grand province, they moved us forward and we remained proud of ourselves for all those years.
Some believe it was the restless media that started their collective downfall, often making the simplest mistakes look like serious transgressions, and steering the public from the real issues. 

Well you all know what happened next. Gordon Campbell and his Liberals emerged, took control of BC and started the plundering of our country. We lost OUR railroad in a scandalous action still being unraveled.
BC Hydro which had been trusted all those years to do right for us was now run by foreigners. It seems that Gordon Campbell had no trust in BC people. And the IPP Run of the River contracts went out to more foreigners to rape our rivers while undermining BC Hydro, the once jewel of BC utilities.
Our natural salmon fishery is declining to the point of collapse while our government defends the foreign owned fish farms. We send millions to other countries to build ferries while our own workers go hungry. Campbell even tried to shut down the independent voice of the Georgia Straight and the Knowledge Network! He tore up legitimate union contracts.
And how has BC fared under the Liberals? We are in serious moral decline because the people who control our province have no loyalty or respect for British Columbians. They are here for the big money.
The working people are struggling with providing the necessities for their families. Homelessness is becoming out of control. 

Gordon Campbell, and now Christy Clark, have implemented a sea change in BC. Under the pretense of entering a global economy, while many British Columbians believe we have entered a far more dangerous era where personal greed is the raison d'ĂȘtre of the government. And now the media is mainly controlled by the Premier's office, and says not a word about court cases against them, a corruption becoming rampant, sneaky nefarious dealings with far off people and businesses with no real interest in BC except money right now. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Isn't it time we rejected this attitude from our elected Liberals and our unelected Premier and threw them out? It is time we quit tolerating them explaining why things are good for us when we all know those things are only good for them and their friends.
If you still trust these crooks, you haven't been here very long to realize the pride we once had that British Columbians could control their own fate and could do it better than anyone else!
That was a great feeling then.
We need to take back our province and tell the politicians what to do.
Anything but Liberals.