Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Public Arte

The City of Vancouver Art Department Somebody has bought a piece of public art for 450 thousand dollars.  $450,000.00.  As usual they didn't tell you, the taxpayer, they had so much extra money around and bought it in secrecy. Now they need a place to put it. Oops wait, go back .... insert your own words for 'public art'.

Local artist Lyse Lemieux says, "This is a commissioned piece, the stakeholders have been consulted, so what they are suppose to be doing is accepting and saying yes to the fact that yes we want public art in that spot." Commissioned? To me that usually spells out, 'friend of somebody' with a finders fee commission.
The art is 15 meters tall and could seat 150 people at a time. Does this look like an accident waiting to happen to you too? Seems to me the cost of making this spindly cheering-section safe would be about the same as the initial purchase price.

They propose to put these bleachers at Emery Field in Hastings Park. The Park Board Artsy-Craftsy department wants it there. They love it. Are these people all on day passes from the institution?
But due to some backlash, because no one knew about it, they have deferred putting it there. Not buying it, that's a done deal, just wondering what to do with the thingy. I would cheer for 'Away'.
Couldn't the Parks Board have spent a little money to cut away all the blackberry bushes that have taken over grassy sections in our parks?

So here it is, sorry but I couldn't resist that urge to add my own wording, but perhaps they could talk to Best Buy and IKEA and get them to pay the 450K?

Or maybe they could integrate it with the PNE rides, and make it like an old Gahan Wilson cartoon where you climb up to the top and then fall off into oblivion? Or into one of those cheese shavers they have at Olive Garden?

Is whomever approved this the same guy from TransLink who loved and bought the $100,000. Main Street Poodle? A seven foot Dog on a Stick that woofs forevermore at Main and 16th?
By the way, why isn't the poodle in Shaughnessy, there are only rescue dogs on Main Street.


Look on the bright side, at least it doesn't poop.
And let's hope the IKEA bleachers are easier to assemble than one of their mystic chairs.
Make your own fun comment about best buy.

They have ways of spending our money.