Friday, 13 January 2012

Did You Know?

Entry in our  -  Did You Know  -  section.-

Did you know that Christy Clark has hired an ex Enbridge Lobbyist as Chief of Staff. What does that tell you about her position on the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway oil pipeline project? Ken Boessenkool, is that man.
Do you think our self designated Queen of BC will be objective about potential oil spills with an evil counselor ala Basil Rathbone character whispering sweet somethings in her ear ?  Does she really believe she can convince us that Mr Boessenkool has no interest now in that Alberta tar sands pipeline to inland waterway Kitimat? Check out here for the route >  (
He was also a lobbyist for a Taser company! OMG.

Sort of like those people who are hired to tell us how WAR is good for us, you cannot believe a word coming from their mouths!
Methinks the lobbyists feel they have a double agent within the Liberal ranks.

Or was that the rank Liberals?

PS: BC Conservatives have just released info telling us that Boessenkool is the guy who thought up the per-capita proposal for health care dollars that Prime Minister Harper wants to implement and that Christy Clark sees as unfair to BC. More than a little embarrassing.   

Monday, 2 January 2012


The BC Christy Liberals have tried about everything to look different since Gordon Campbell was shamed out of office. Yet Christy BC Liberal Clark's popularity continues to plummet. The problem, of course, is that no one can believe a BC Liberal, simply based on past performance and the fact that no one is changed among that cadre of scoundrels who have duped the BC public now for so many years.
The people of BC just can't bring themselves to trust these guys with any responsibility whatsoever.
It seems inevitable that the BC NDP party will form a government and the worst of all scenarios for the BC Christy party is that the BC Conservatives will likely be the official opposition, leaving Christy Clark to occupy that hallway closet office that her friend Gordon designated so cruelly to the lone NDP MLA so long ago.

The only thing remaining is to guess how many BC Lieberals will try to desert the Christy sinking ship and join that conservative party. The wise whisper of advice to John Cummins might be to avoid those slinking rats like the plague they bring with them.
Oratory may echo from the chambers of the legislature but the sibulent sound slipping under the door of that broom closet will probably still be - fast ferries fast ferries fast ferries.