Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Presenting your all new Liberals for 2013

Now all with the proper student looks, full of smarts and intelligence and careful thought and cleverness. Exactly what you want in your government. Christy started it with her faux studious look (hoping to preempt Carole Taylor) and now they're all doing the dark rimmed glasses thing. All designed to fool you yet once again.

 The all NEW, 2013 lineup for BC Liberals!

NOT those old ones but the NEW studious, stupendous, serious, sexy, sensitive, somnambulent, sensational, stringent, sinless Liberals!




Vote for the all-NEW smart
BC Liberals!
Trust us, we're the BC Christy Party.

The 'Look' from the Looker

 But ... oops ...

Even she has old ugly baggage.

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