Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Safe again

People who may be breathing a sigh of relief after the recent BC Elections - because there now will be no investigations coming over BC Rail. Whew!

  • Gordon Campbell
  • Christy Clark
  • Rich Coleman
  • Dave Basi
  • Gary Farrel-Collins
  • Robert Virk
  • Wally Oppal
  • Patrick Kinsella
  • Aneal Basi
  • Erik Bornmann
  • Brian Kieran
  • Ken Dobell
  • Mark Marissen
  • Mike Morton
  • Etc ad nauseum

If you try to click on CBC links to a lot of the stories about the BC Rail event, you'll only get "Server not found" or "Object not found" messages. The watchers are doing their jobs.

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  1. Expect any thing different from these criminals?


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