Sunday, 16 June 2013

Same old same old.

The protege has learned well from the Master. 
Christy Clark follows the Gordon Campbell tradition of the Liberal Party. Take liberties ASAP because they'll all forget it soon. And you can get on with enhancing your personal position.

Raises for all the political staff in the legislature while talking restraint. Well, they proved it works, didn't they? The voting public pays little attention to the workings of their government. Ministerial assistants, (now called Chiefs of Staff) get $10,000 raises! And the premier's CoS gets a $35,000 increase!

So no matter how much the actions seem to betray the faithful, what do they know? Blindness is not just in the eyes, but the mind! The raises are just the start as they all begin drooling at the next four years and imagine the personal gains many will accomplish. BC is open for business.

I like this idea. All those rioters who were promised prosecution to the fullest extent of the law by Christy Clark, have now found out that the 'fullest extent' is just sort of an inconvenience. The police keep telling us about more charges. We've come to know that charges have little to do with sentencing.
A suspended sentence for everyone. Even those with restrictions are ignoring them. Get ready for the next party in Vancouver, it'll be a bash! Our judges have nothing to do with reality or protecting the public.

But thanks to the ICBC corporation and London Drugs who will sue the rioters civilly to recover some of the money they lost from vandals. There need to be more merchants going to the wall about this. ICBC paid out 5 million in claims for damaged or write-off cars, and London Drugs lost hundreds of thousands of dollars from theft after rioters bashed in their doors. And why should we the policy holders have increases in our premiums because of vandalism. 
It was bad enough to have the Liberal government actually steal money from ICBC coffers for their own mismanagement instead of allowing them to give us a break on our insurance. 
And at least Win Powell of London Drugs is going to go after some of the scum who robbed his store and got away with it in our so-called justice system.

This may mark a turning point in justice in Canada. We'll become more like the States where you can sue for anything, and at least get some satisfaction that you caused something to happen against the perps who make all our lives miserable and cause costs to rise. Good for you ICBC and London Drugs. No thanks to Christy Clark and her band of legal thieves full of rhetoric.

So what can we expect in the near future? Start with the film industry basically disappearing. Continue with the oil pipelines all being approved at whatever risk to the environment. Probably the selling off of more BC assets that those before us built so faithfully and proudly. 
And Christy Clark has the gall to place herself beside WAC Bennett? 

One day there will be nothing left to sell and the true cost to the BC taxpayer may be known. 

Maybe not if you keep being afraid and voting the same old criminals back into office.

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