Sunday, 11 November 2012


Yes, what else can you call it?
We have Christie Clark running for her life to the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Mr. Fraser, over vanDongen's queries about BC Rail, and it is revealed that he, the conflict head, is in conflict of interest too because his son is very close to Christie Clark!

We have Christie Clark pretending she is laying down hard terms over Enbridge's pipeline but all the while she must be aware of the fact that Harper will push through his Chinese trade agreement even if everyone in BC is against Enbridge. He is just about to sign an agreement with the Chinese communist government to sell the Alberta tar sands oil to the Chinese National oil company, and if anyone in BC tries to circumvent the deal, or interfere after it starts, the Chinese communists will be able to legally SUE OUR democracy to ensure OUR oil gets to China! We are becoming a US state AND a province of China!

And yes, no one is commenting much on the fact that Enbridge has said they will be setting up a separate company to do the pipeline! A company that Enbridge hedges they are not sure of what insurance that new company might have to cover oil spills. (Not to mention that Exxon has STILL not paid the fines for the Valdez spill) The thinking of Enbridge seems to be even if there is a spill, we just won't ever get it cleaned up anyway! And they have just been called back to Kalamazoo by the American government to clean that river  further. Why? Because tar sands oil sinks to the bottom of the water and pollutes the bed for generations, but it is not immediately visible! Hidden is great for oil pipeline companies!

So we have all this stuff going on, and yet the Vancouver mainstream media doesn't say a word unless it is to twist and turn the spin into an attack on the NDP!

So it IS depressing. Do you all remember the inquiry into Brian Mulroney? And the testimony of  lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber? He testified that bribery in these world dealings is a common form of getting things done. And I am depressed but I believe it. I do believe that within those dealings with Mr Mulroney, Brian got paid off as Mr Schreiber says he did. My opinion.

I do believe that huge money has found it's way into secret bank accounts of BC politicians too, over Run-of the-River Hydro projects, over allowing foreign owned fish farms to destroy our wild salmon fishery, to the selling of OUR railroad, BC Rail. And I would not be surprised if that trail led all the way to England and the UK High Commissioner's office.

And the British Columbia media keeps zipped up about it all. Is that bribery that I suspect being filtered down to them all? Perhaps ask Basi and Virk, they are evidently allowed to speak about it now.

Is there anyone left in BC who cares for the health and wealth of our province?

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