Saturday, 1 December 2012

The arrogance of them all!

On the same day that the Vancouver Sun sported a headline saying the BC Government deficit had increased to 1.47 BILLION dollars, Bill Good of CKNW radio, had a one hour commercial for the BC Liberals featuring one of their main spin cyclists, Philip Hochstein, President of the of the Independent Contractors of BC. Now this is an arrogant guy. He should give psychic readings, he keeps telling anyone who will listen what is in Adrian Dix's mind. And what every NDP MLA will do. Nice, he should forecast earth-quakes and tsunames too! That's not a pack of smokes in his pocket, it's a deck of tarot cards!

He went on and on while Bill Good sat and listened without interruption to his ridiculous spin that the NDP would be so bad for BC they'd put us into a deep hole. Ahem. 

That 1.47 billion was an increase of 50% in the last six MONTHS!  There it was in the newsaper, probably right there on the NW studio coffee table, available for any intelligent person to see and read. Of course that doesn't fit the agenda of these Liberal hacks. Even the BC Liberal controlled Vancouver Sun had to print it. No matter how much they wanted it buried amid their Want ads.

Hochstein didn't even bother to mention that deficit or why it was so out of whack, he just went after Adrian Dix like a grow-op pitbull. At least Good, Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer usually accept a question about the BC Liberals and their idol, Christy Ckark, before carefully and stealthily guiding their answer to go after what the NDP did many years ago. 

Of course, Dix is frustrating the hell out of them, because he won't fall into their traps and give them real ammunition. He is playing the cool game right into Clark's goal, and it looks like he's going to score big time.  But Hochstein doesn't even bother to change the subject. He just ignores reality to rabidly chase the NDP.

If he really is interested in construction work in BC, perhaps he should go after all those employers importing cheap labour from Argentina, Guatemala  Mexico, the Philippines and yes, China! No wait, Christy Clark is selling her BC jobs plan. Is it interpreted to mean come to BC for a job? But don't apply if you're already here? 

One would think Hochstein doesn't get it at all. Maybe he doesn't understand that a deficit is NOT the debt. The deficit is the difference between the money Government takes in and what the Government spends each year. Receipts include the money the Government gets from income taxes as well as user fees and other income sources. Outlays include all provincial spending including health, social security etc. along with all other spending. 
When there is a deficit, the Provincial Government must borrow the money needed for the government to pay its bills.

The BC Provincial DEBT is about 45 BILLION. YOU are paying 2.5 Billion in interest payments alone! 

But in spite of not accounting for it's spending or telling us where it is trying to save, (all the while advertising everywhere about how great they are, using YOUR money) indoctrinated people like Hochstein blindly go after whomever they're directed to attack. The voters are beginning to ask if the NDP is going to be so bad, how can they be worse than this group of pretenders? Don't forget people, these are the so called 'businessmen' who keep telling us they know how to run things. Hmm, maybe it's time for the simplicity of amateurs who know you can't spend more than you get. People who never had a rich daddy to set them up in business and had to live on their own income. 

MLA Mike de Jong accounted the BC Liberals poor financial showing to not being able to sell a Little Mountain property for 232 million. Like that would have done it? What's next? Selling off Stanley Park? Isn't that the problem with the BC Liberal mentality? Just sell off what they don't own to cover their bills? Your BC Railroad is gone but what did that money do for you?

To see the BC Liberals floundering every day as they dig a deeper hole is not the thing, to see the corruptions emerge every week and the constant turmoil over their poor decisions is not it either, it is the arrogance that they show while being sucked under. 

People like Hochstein have no clue. He could be equated with Rush Limbaugh in the States; making spurious arguments to the detriment of the party he thinks he represents!
A growling dog with teeth but no brains. Perhaps not really important but he just can't shut up. The NDP is older and wiser these days. They've silenced the harangue of their unions. They are steering a careful course towards re-election as the BC Government. And when they get there we'll be bitching about them too. We desperately need a change in the British Columbia government, each week the suspicions of corruption get deeper than Christy Clark's cleavage.

But the BC Liberals can't get the Gordon Campbell heritage out of their heads. The Liberal attitude of get it all for us, regardless of what the public thinks ... a perfectly expressed attitude by the arrogant Philip Hochstein. 

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