Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Just so you know ....

The BC Provincial DEBT, is 51 BILLION dollars.

That means YOU owe $12, 891.00! Every person in BC owes that. Right now.
Yes we have those smart guys running our government, BC Liberals who think they know how to run businesses. Methinks maybe their experience has been running Daddy's business, without a concern for having to actually make a profit to support their families.

By the end of 2012, we will owe 57.6 billion, and with these smart guys running the province, it will be 66 billion by 2015! It is a matter of what you will accept. Moody's Credit Rating Agency has just given us a prod, downgrading our credit rating from stable to negative.

Our deficit is projected to go to 1.47 billion. That means however much money we take into BC we are going to spend one and a half billion dollars MORE! How long do you think you could exist personally by over spending like that in your household?

But wait, here's the sneaky little dark secret; The BC Liberal government has these P3 projects that they've been doing for years now, and because they are deemed as private deals, they are not for you or I to see or know about. They are called 'Contractual obligations' and they are what we owe these private contractors for whatever they did for the Campbell/Clark government. And because of this, they are NOT added to our provincial debt!
The present estimate is about 53 billion! as of 2010!

Some see this as the payoff to private corporations for building Run-of-the-River power projects, for instance. Those very same projects that were touted as helping the BC economy and are now gouging BC Hydro for more than the power should cost! Some are also wondering what these private corporations did to get such lucrative contracts? Nevertheless, we owe these added billions. Contracted by the Liberal government.

There are any number of BC people with the skill, experience and intelligence to look after this province in trust for the people who live here. BC people who would care about the results of their efforts. We needn't hire the so called experts from elsewhere. We have always been leaders in hydro-electrical power and forestry and mining. We have a right to expect care and concern for British Columbia, it's people and resources. We should reap the rewards of BC's bounty before we allow the funneling off of those riches.

We've tried the so called business models. They have control of the media to remind you of how great they are and how bad others would be. But they have failed miserably to look after your province.
It's time to try again, with a clean slate. We need trust.

The BC Liberals are just not capable of the integrity to run British Columbia.


  1. We have to get all those guys out in the next election. Just to clean house of all the takers.

  2. And mention all the crooks that have secret bank accounts


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