Sunday, 17 February 2013

Strategic action

Here's what the BC Liberals might do; 
Wait until the May election is in fast and furious mode, then you might hear the beginning of odd dialogue from the candidates, they'll start making strange choices, quote a lot of polls, and pretend to know what is best for the people of BC. Christy Clark might be the first leader of a Provincial Party in BC to be in hiding during an election campaign!
Then we might see Christy Clark suddenly step down as Liberal leader. Christy will say she has family concerns and name her candidate to take over the party.

There will plenty of back room dealing to establish an uncontested new leader, someone who will guarantee to protect the party against corruption charges, but they'll say they did it for the noble good, to keep BC out of the clutches of the NDP. And obviously the voters of BC are not going to vote for her, she might be lower than her mentor, Gordon Campbell right now, so a renewal of the party was important. 

The BC Liberals will then go gung ho into May spouting the NEW Liberals dialogue, even though it is the same old bunch all over again with new faces painted over their paper bags, but still with the 'what's in it for me,' attitude.
Some will fall for it. Many will not.
Will the voters want a bunch of old candidates who were responsible for the current image of Liberals, and the state of British Columbia? And will the people want a clean sweep. Or will Christy be too stubborn to go? Ah, it's all politics isn't it?

So who COULD be your next premier of BC?
Kevin Falcon, King of the sidespeakers?  Mary, we're looking into it, Polak? oh no John Les. OMG Kash Heed? De Jong? Bill Bennett?  maybe even Gary Farrell-Collins will return for a shot so he'll never be called to testify.  Rich Colman, now there's a worst case scenario.  Pat Bell! (joke)

Or Adrian Dix?

Which is better?

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  1. I went through the list of candidates and can't find one that hasn't been connected in one way or another to a scandal.


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