Sunday, 10 February 2013

current BC Liberal campaign ad

Personal TV and radio ad aimed at Adrian Dix:    Dix did a bad thing. Changed a date or something while working for Premier Glenn Clark. Fired. Owned up to it, got severance from the NDP party of 70,000. dollars. Says he has moved on. Now trying to be premier himself. Bad Adrian Dix?

I'm alright Jack.
BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell. Was plunging his party into oblivion because of nefarious  buddy deals and suspicions of corruption. His personal rating tanked to single digits. Stepped down in a cloud of controversy over BC Rail and other things. The most unpopular Premier ever. Gordon Campbell moved on too, got a send off pension of $98,175 PER YEAR! EVERY year! About 1.7 million lifetime, and to top that off, an Order of British Columbia. Then to smack the people of BC in the face once more, got an appointment to the diplomatic post of High Commissioner to Great Britain at a huge salary. And didn't own up to anything.

And Golden handshakes too? This is what it cost the BC taxpayers to get rid of these people -
Alan Seckel - Deputy to the Premier - $549,776.   Martyn Brown - who served only days as Deputy Minister -  $416,191.  Lesley Du Toit - $330,000.  Ron Norman - $323,917.  Lara Dauphinee - $192,000. as a 'retirement bonus'.  (=1.81 million)

Dix - seventy thousand dollars. Campbell - several million dollars. No wonder he's feeling smug.

Which is best?


  1. Have the Liberal hidden the buy outs for the people that they have paid out. I looked everywhere and they seem to be deleted. You can hide, but you won't be forgotten you bunch of crooks. IMO

  2. it is obvious to anyone who reads the news, even tho the MSM tries to hide most of the Liberal dirt, that Dix's little measly severance pales in comparison to the amounts paid out by the Liberals to themselves and their friends but it appears there are a lot of stupid gullible people in this Province who only get their knowledge from tv ads, real sheeple.


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