Tuesday, 26 February 2013

So which is better?.

The NDP built some fast ferries. They didn't work well and had to be sold. Gordon Campbell moored them in North Van for years instead of getting a proper price for them. They were so politically useful for the Liberal chant of "Fast Ferries fast ferries". So the three Fast Cats cost 450 million dollars, squandered, say the Liberals Clark and Campbell. A waste of taxpayer's money. Really?

Built in Germany
But then the Liberals needed 3 ferries too. They went and got them built in Germany, snubbing a competent BC shipbuilding industry and paying the Germans 430 million!

And what's the difference? Well, let's see. The Liberals simply sent 430 million taxpayers' dollars to Germany. None of that money went into British Columbia worker's pockets. None of it supported a BC industry. All of it went to German workers. For their cars, TVs or retirement savings.

So the difference is ... that of the 450 million spent by the NDP, all of it went to British Columbians! To support their families and communities and benefits. The NDP also had extensive training programs to support BC shipyards! Over 300 people got training as welders and over 200 can work anywhere in the world because of their certificates! 

And the Liberal Government today is even allowing Translink to build a new Seabus harbour ferry. In the Netherlands! At the cost of 25 million dollars! ALL of which once again goes out of BC. It could have been built here in BC with BC workers for 27 million bid. False economy to save two million but spend ALL of the money outside of our own country! A recent Translink interview ended with the executive saying that Translink had NO obligation to support workers in BC! Can you believe it?

So which is better?

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