Monday, 12 March 2012

Christy Clark cheats again.

She has to call a by-election in Chilliwack. Hasn't called it yet. Christy and her candidate Laurie Throness are campaigning though regardless.
You see, it is a way of getting around the rules again. If she doesn't call it, the BC Liberals can spend all the money they want in Chilliwack to get their man elected because election spending doesn't count if Christy doesn' officially call one.
Sneaky huh?
Election spending only counts after an election is called.

A way to out-spend the opponents by going under the rules. But then these are Liberals, what did we expect from the BC Christy Party?



    According to this article, Christy claims Throness is already representing the riding in caucus.

  2. She just can't stop politicking!Even when her numbers show almost the whole province hates her!

  3. Someone needs to look into that Drive-able plan the BC Libs are selling. It is a FRANCHISE that SOMEONE is getting paid off to administer. Paid by BC Taxpayers! I say it is another Liberal payoff to a buddy somewhere!

  4. It is called now and looks like BC Liberals will lose both ridings.


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