Saturday, 3 March 2012

Should much more be said ....

.... than what Alex G. Tsakumis says?
This thorn in the side of the BC Liberals and Christy Clark is growing pricklier.

The BC Liberal government has most of the mainstream media in their pockets, obvious by their lack of coverage of anything negative about the party. Yet Alex just won't leave things alone. He acts like he is an old world journalist seeking the truth. Nothing like the current crop of media hacks in print, TV and radio, all being wined, dined and courted by the BC Liberals and their fire stompers.

This 'Atwal Affair' is one more emerging problem for a party so used to lying about everything it cannot stop.  The Christy Clark Liberals are like an old pickup truck, rushing toward the railroad crossing trying to beat the thundering locomotive, and in the back are all those same old lying cabinet ministers and henchmen, clutching on for dear life, still believing they can dupe the BC voters one more time.

Go here and read -

Maybe that locomotive is a BC Rail engine?

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