Friday, 6 April 2012

What fine print?

Doesn't our Provincial government have TEAMS of lawyers whose JOB is to READ all the fine print? Don't our cities and municipalities have many lawyers and legal people whose JOB it is to read small print in contracts? What were all these highly paid trough feeders doing when this contract came down? WHY did NO ONE actually READ this contract? Can you imagine ANY private business signing a twenty YEAR contract without knowing the implications of said contract? Can you imagine these people keeping their jobs after revelations were revealed that would cost the signee MILLIONS of dollars?

And if you HAVE already signed said contract, (like Dianne Watts in Surrey) and the RCMP and Feds want to add something that costs money, you simply refuse to pay more money under the rule that it was not the deal you agreed to!

Someone needs to be fired! Including a lot of fat cat lawyers and Shirley Bond.


  1. Doesn't this point to something sinister going on here re the BC Rail deal? Didn't Rich Coleman start all these contract negotiations and keep them totally secret so the public would not realize the lead investigator on the Basi/Virk BC Rail deal was related to Christy Clark?
    Conspiracy theory hell, this is a conspiracy!

  2. totally agree Anom..


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