Sunday, 21 August 2011

Catch up time.

And I don't mean on your chips.I mean like your past catching up with you.
In the latest revelations of past doings going awry, the present BC Hydro chief questions the ability of the utility to support the IPPs and their high priced electricity. We have all suspected that these Independent Power Projects built on our rivers by foreigners would only siphon off dollars from BC Hydro. Those dollars of course belonging to you and me.

When Premier Gordon Campbell started these IPPs by handing out licences to entrepreneurs to build dams and power stations on our smaller rivers, many people questioned why BC Hyrdo didn't do it themselves if that power was needed. What would have been the reason to allow strangers into OUR environment to build high profit making power stations while ignoring other issues.
Some could only see the reason as personal gain.

Why would you sell off the production of power when we already had the crown jewel of public utilities in BC Hydro? Some of these IPPs paid a pittance for the licence. Well, at least on the surface. It was even suggested there might have been a secret side payment to those who could make these easy money schemes happen! If you were granted a licence to print money at the cost of the BC taxpayer, a million in cash slipped quietly as 'tip' money into an offshore bank account was little to pay when you would, in the future, be charging BC Hydro way above the going price for he power your IPP would be producing.
What a sweetheart deal!

Now even the CEO of BC Hydro is questioning those deals. Forced by the government to buy power at a premium price when BC Hydro doen't even need it, Putting our public corporation at the brink of bankruptcy because of it. What could be the next result of this grand scam? Perhaps the handing over of BC Hydro to foreign interests?

All that this deception on the BC taxpayers will result in is to dig deeper into our pockets while a certain few make billions on the scheme. And was that the plan all along when the BC Liberals, all quiet and looking the other way, allowed the premier of our once proud province to sell us out completely? Wasn't that the BC Rail result too? Are we on the same level as some hapless middle African country being exploited by a greedy dictatorial leader who runs off to the South of France with his unctuous money later. In this case the UK.
Seems that way.

Christy Clark will probably do her usual, "We don't like it but we can't do anything about it, they have contracts," rote comment.
Wasn't Mz Clark there when Gordon tore up legal union contracts?
Wouldn't it guarantee her re-election if she promised to expose the corruption in the BC Rail sale? And return it to its rightful owners? We the people of BC. Couldn't she tear up David Hahn's obscene contract and fire him too? Couldn`t she exproprate those IPPs operating with impunity on OUR rivers?

Yes, imagine the fallout. Lawsuits by the bushel. If I was premier I would simply say the sale of BC Rail was obtained through illegal means, therefore it is illegal and negated. I would challenge David Hahn to go after us in the courts, reminding him that he had a sunken BC Ferry on his watch, at the same time promising that he will be in for a 20 year ordeal. And those IPPs? I would suggest that the first one to come foreward with information of corruption on the part of anyone within the BC Government would get to keep their IPP, and make their profits. The rest would come under BC Hydro care and control.

But that's not going to happen. Is it? Simplistic. We can't. That's the operative word with BC Liberals. These current MLAs voted 84% to back Gordon Campbell the week before he stepped down in shame. How's that for an approval rating. Scoundrels backing a rogue. Circle the wagons, zip the lips.
Same old same old over there in Victoria, picking at the taxpayer's bones and what WE all owned as part of a thriving British Columbia.

One can only hope that this trail of corruption and disregard for the people of BC catches up with the perpetrators. Heavy on the word traitors.

No, that is not ketchup up on my chips, it's blood.


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