Saturday, 27 August 2011

BC Government corruption AND the RCMP?

Not only are some BC Government Liberals involved in the BC Rail scandal, but the RCMP officers actively investigaing the case being related to members of the Liberal government at the time are suspect too!
Is this why the present government is so anxious to sign a new 20 year deal with the RCMP for policing of our province without even seeing a Policing Report Study? Would signing a new deal guarantee the continuing silence of the RCMP investigators who are involved in BC Rail via a conflict of interest?

Are you such a Liberal apologist that you still scoff at the suggestion of our provincial politicians being involved in this obvious corruption? Do you still do the 'anything but the NDP' running the economy without wondering why we had to sell OUR railroad in the first place? Have you been ignoring the known connections between certain BC government people (Yes Christy Clark) and the Federal Liberals? 

Didn' t you think at the time that perhaps when Gary Collins was summoned to give evidence in the trial that he might have told Gordon Campbell and maybe Christy Clark that he wasn't going down to protect the Premier? If he went they went too? He might reveal everything? And THAT was why Gordon Campbell had the whole trial shut down overnight? Whatever damning evidence the prosecution had was now negated. Basi and Virk startlingly pled guilty the very morning Collins was to testify! 
Didn't you even twig that maybe the BC government actually interfered with a criminal trial in progress?

Has anyone ever had that inkling that perhaps many in the BC media are under the care and control of the BC Liberal party? Haven't you ever wondered why certain so called reporters from the Victoria Bureau never ask the obvious questions? And why certain talk show hosts shut down the caller dialogue when an embarrassment about BC Rail and Christy Clark begins to emerge? And even TV news stations refuse to follow up on revelations about the BC Rail characters?

Well Alex Tsakumis is relentless in his pursuit of the truth of the BC Rail sale. He keeps publishing information. Even from the transcripts of the trial! Testimony! In spite of emails and notes still disappearing! He seems to be the Champion of truth on behalf of British Columbians. And he is embarrassing the Liberals.

If you are a diehard Liberal supporter then move on, you don't want to see this. You'll have a hard time chanting your 'Fast ferries' mantra after it. But if you are a staunch British Columbian who is STILL festering because the government of Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark sold YOUR railroad, then read on, some of us won't forget and refuse to allow the Liberal rug pullers to cover up their nefarious past deeds.

If you care at all about your province and justice, you must read this -

It ain't over till the fat lady sings, and she's not even warming up her tonsils in the UK.


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