Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The BC NOT Liberals

The BC Liberals are tired of being BC Liberals. 
They are seeking a new name. They don't want to be associated with the Liberal party anymore. They want something catchy and new that will fool you into believing they are not the same old faces that pulled all those tricks and cheats on you. They want to present new images. Too many old scandals. Too many suspicions. Too many bad memories. Too many unanswered questions. Maybe too many crooks. And they don't want you to see those same old faces of deception that you're so familiar with. 

So they will all be new again. Reborn. Honest. Full of integrity. The Not Liberals.
The new name is up for grabs. There must be thousands of potentials. This could actually be fun. Thinking up new names for scoundrels.

Why our new Premier wants to divorce her party name to seem to separate from Federal Liberals is her reasoning, and anyone's guess, while she stacks her backroom deck with many former federal Liberals. A paradox there.
But we think it is probably because of the procession of discredited Federal Liberals; Chretien, who said he would rescind the GST. And Paul Martin known as Mr Dithers. And Stephane Dione, supposedly a brilliant man who was plain stupid in politics and presentation. Michael Ignatieff, who seems to have accepted the coup de grace, if not actually administering it. Yes the word Liberal definitely has the odor of a cadaver.

Well, no wonder she wants her own name, the tainting of the Liberal name is complete within the latest Federal election. Demoralizing. So Premier Clark will bring in the brain trust of those guys to be her confidants. Confusing isn't it?
Some might say arrogant.
Some would even suggest that the tainting of the Provincial Liberal party is also almost complete.
All that is needed is a Provincial election.

I heard they put out a call for more paper bags.
Try the Unknown Comic, somehow that fits.

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