Friday, 27 March 2015

Actual Ballot

So here it is, finally, the ballot you've all been hearing so much about. The ballot that the Mayor's council is promoting for your Yes vote. The one that they have every breathing person they can solicit talking about. 
Just look at the wording and see if you agree with me that it is totally vague! And what is on this ballot that wouldn't be considered as the normal way of the corporations and government entities to do the people's business?  

It is as if they were so afraid to actually tell you what they wanted to do that they are now trying desperately to HIDE what they will do. It is to me, like they all got together and said, whoa, wait a minute, if we really make it clear they'll vote no! We need to discombobulate the public. They'll want closer inspection of that 7.7 Billion if we are too detailed. Better to generalize the whole thing and then get our shills to generate their own concept of what will happen, whether it is true or not!

Read for yourself - - - 

Do you see anything on there that wouldn't be on a progressive transit plan anyway? Did we need all that 6 million dollars of YOUR money for TV advertising and constant radio spots? Did we need to denigrate Jim Pattison's respectible reputation just to explain it all? Do we need every TransLink and BC Government insider to pimp this document? 

Are you any wiser? Except to know that this a plan that should have been in place WITHOUT a single additional penny from the taxpayer? Do you now know who this mysterious secretive Board of Directors are from TransLink? Do you know their names? Are you smart enough to know why we need TWO CEOs for TRansLink?  Do you now know who forms Jim Pattison's committee? Do you know their names? And do you believe that the present TransLink Management Carnival would even reveal to the Mayors how the spending is going so far?

Do you agree that the BC Liberals have totally NO control over what rightfully belongs to the people of BC? 

Add bus service? Maintain roads? Annual independent audits? There's a joke, how many audits have been hidden by this government in the past? Build a new Patullo bridge? Okay, let's do it, but how much is it going to cost everyone living south of the Fraser? 7.7 Billion? How about a price on that bridge alone? Yet more tolls by a government that has us already trillions in debt? We know now that the old Port Mann Bridge cost more to tear down than build it!
Build rapid transit along Broadway? What to where? One more bus to Arbutus Street? 
Make more bicycle lanes? Close Burrard Bridge completely so kids can meander on their tricycles? Where is the clarity?

If you think this hazy 'plan' is worth 7.7 BILLION dollars, you need to vote your mind. Clouded though it is. And we all know that by the time we face cost over-runs and politicians fondling that warm money it will likely be 14 billion before it ends. 35 cents a day? Try 35 dollars a day!

But if you are wondering how often and for how much you can be spun into paying more and more to these vagaries then you NEED to vote NO. Not a single one of those who are lined up to sway you mystically while sneaking their slender fingers into your pockets are deserved of getting this tax.
They all need to go back into a locked room and not allowed exit until they come up with something the public can trust. This looks like maybe 1.1 billion to me for this whole plan and the rest simply disappears. As usual. Is that okay with you?

I don't trust this incompetent lot with the wherewithall to think of a plan for BC's future transit, whether we expect a two million more imigrants or not. I guess they should be forewarned that it might be more crowded here than wherever they are coming from. This is perfection of government tricks. The BC Liberals can simply say, YOU voted for this, don't blame us. Even Jim Pattison can say, my job was to make sure TRansLink got that money, not how they spent it! Perhaps it is time for we taxpayers to demand due dilligence when spending OUR money.

Take back your government folks, send a harsh message to the yes screamers and let them ask for your vote next time. What really counts is YOU!

Vote Now and Vote NO! 

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